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Created: October 11, 2012


The Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) is also the German National Library of Science and
Technology (TIB) for technology as well as civil engineering, chemistry, computer science,
mathematics and physics. TIB works in a local and organizational union with the University Library of Hanover (UB). The staff size of TIB/UB is approx. 400 employees.

In support of an EU funded project regarding the digital preservation of 3D objects from the
architectural domain Digital Library department invites applications for the position of Researcher.

Responsibilities and duties
  • Evaluation and analysis of contextual, technological and organizational requirements of data producers and heritage institutions on 3D object preservation
  • Gap analysis and documentation of the state-of-the-art and currently in-use processes and tools in the digital preservation of 3D objects
  • Technology and community watch of the respective domains
  • Analysis and modelling of preservation processes for 3D objects
  • Strategic alignment of project results within an international consortia
  • Employment conditions and qualifications
  • advanced university degree (Master) in civil engineering informatics, civil engineering or a relevant subject 
  • experience with CAD / 3D objects in the industrial or scientific sector
  • experience in data transfer would be desirable
  • good proficiency in different CAD, 3D and XML formats
  • experience in the analysis, conceptualization and documentation of processes are desirable
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills, excellent self-motivation and self-organization skills and the proven ability to work in a team
The appointment will begin February 1st 2013, pending final approval by the EU. The appointment is limited to a 3 year contract.

For further information, please contact Mr Bähr, phone +49 511 762 17281.

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