Full time Remote / Telecommute

Community and Event Coordinator

Salary: $60,000+
Created: October 1, 2019


The International Image Interoperability Framework  (IIIF) Consortium is seeking a Community and Event Coordinator to complement the Managing Director and Technical Coordinator roles to help bring IIIF to new sectors and adopters while maintaining a vibrant, positive and creative community advancing access to information.

The person in this role will serve as a coordinator, communicator, and facilitator, working with the experts and adopters of IIIF to help advance the framework and its utility. The role will work closely with the Managing Director and Technical Coordinator to align efforts, and will also liaise with IIIF editorial, community, and technical groups to ensure consistency and continuous improvement. Meanwhile, given that the annual IIIF events are a primary means for coordinating community activities and updates, the Community and Event Coordinator will also serve an important role in the organization and support of IIIF events, in-person and online.

About the IIIF Consortium and Community

IIIF is a community-driven technology led by world-leading research, national and state libraries, archives, museums, companies and image repositories committed to providing access to high quality digitized resources.

IIIF is at the cusp of a new phase in its evolution: the IIIF Consortium (IIIF-C) is growing, and the community is putting the finishing touches on the 3rd major iteration of the underlying APIs that make IIIF work. Less than 10 years ago, IIIF started out as a loose agreement among a handful of institutions to work together but now has a dedicated staff, hundreds of adopters worldwide, and image servers delivering more than one billion IIIF-compliant resources. The coming years are poised to be exciting ones for contributors new and old, with an increased focus on international outreach and promoting diversity, equity, respect, and inclusion in the IIIF community.

The IIIF Consortium has a staff of three including this role, a Technical Coordinator (based in Wales), and a Managing Director (based in NY). We use Slack, Zoom, the Google Suite, and a variety of other tools to keep in touch with the broader IIIF Community. The Consortium is governed by an Executive Committee which meets 2x/year, and an Operating Committee that meets monthly, and is advised by a Coordinating Committee that includes representatives from all facets of the IIIF community.


Community and Communication Management

  • Communication support, including website management, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Event support: currently 4-6 events of differing sizes are held per year, with the two largest ones requiring event logistics management
  • Liaison with & coordination of different IIIF community groups
  • Establishing and maintaining communication channels (documentation, presentations, training materials, email lists, ticketing systems, etc.) for community-based activities
  • Outreach and IIIF advocacy: represent IIIF at relevant conferences and meetings, as well as maintain contact with industry and trade groups with a IIIF-interest (including possible vendors with products or content that might be made IIIF-compatible)

IIIF-C Administration & Project Management

  • IIIF-C member support: keep in touch with and ensure good support for IIIF-C members who sustain the consortium financially
  • Tracking invoices and MOUs, and reporting
  • Project management of IIIF-specific efforts directly supported by the IIIF Consortium (such as the development or maintenance of the IIIF.io website, validators, utilities, etc.)
  • Consulting on IIIF strategies and standards for grants and projects seeking to become interoperable (including possibly being written into grants and projects)
  • Assist in organizing Executive Committee meetings 2x/year

Required and Desired Skills & Experience

The elements listed below are provided to indicate the directional expectations for the role and the needs of the Consortium -- we don’t anticipate that any single candidate will have deep expertise in all components. Likewise, we expect that this role will evolve as the community and the Consortium grow as well.

  1. will be self-directed and highly organized
  2. will possess well documented, demonstrated, and effective communication skills including oral, written, and presentation capabilities;
  3. will have sufficient technical depth to gain a conceptual understanding of the different components in interoperable image delivery, and to work with IIIF community members of all technical abilities
  4. will demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity, equity, respect, and inclusion
  5. will be able to use or learn GitHub
  6. will have English-language fluency (required), and facility with one or more additional languages (desired)
  7. Familiarity with open and distributed communities
  8. Familiarity with newsletter creation and dissemination best practices
  9. will have previous experience in libraries, archives, or museums (desired)

Some international travel is required, probably a minimum of 2-3 trips per year.

This is a full-time, remote position that reports to the Managing Director, and can be based anywhere with a solid Internet connection.

The posting will be open until filled; we expect to review resumes in mid-October given a sufficient pool of candidates, and will proceed with interviewing soon after. The minimum salary for this position is $60,000.

To Apply:

To apply, please send an email to admin@iiif.io with the subject line "Community and Event Coordinator" and include both a cover letter and a résumé (the cover letter can be included in the body of the email or as a separate attachment, as you prefer). All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to age, gender or gender identity, race, ethnicity, physical disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.

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