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Created: September 21, 2019


Reporting to the Head of the Digital Library Program (HDLP), the Interoperability Software Developer (ISD) develops and maintains software that will extend the Library's ability to make digital assets and metadata interoperable to meet the research and teaching needs of the UCLA faculty.

The UCLA Library uses a wide range of software solutions to manage and represent digital assets, including Samvera, the International Image Interoperability Framework, Dataverse, Islandora, and a variety of custom-built solutions. The ISD will design, implement, document, and promote a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in partnership with peers in the Digital Library Program and the Library Software Development and Systems unit. These APIs will allow for a wide range of partners to extract and represent digital assets and metadata for reuse for a variety of computational research or digital projects.

The ISD more generally develops and maintains software to extract, share, manipulate, and represent data and metadata from all of the Library's locally curated repositories of digital assets, including repositories in the Digital Library Program and the Data Science Center. The ISD will play a defining role in developing collaborative partnerships with faculty who seek to design their research or teaching to utilize the materials represented in the Library's repositories.

Additional repository functions will include preparation and packaging for the purpose of digital preservation deposits. Priorities for API development and extraction and packaging projects will be provided by the HDLP.

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Published: Saturday, September 21, 2019 22:11 UTC

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