Metadata Operations Librarian

Ithaca, NY
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Salary: $60,000-65,000
Created: August 21, 2019


Cornell University Library (CUL) seeks a Metadata Operations Librarian to create, maintain, enhance and enrich metadata in Cornell’s broader repository ecosystem that describes a rich array of assets and serves a diverse scholarly community with equally varied areas of research. The Metadata Operations Librarian provides expertise, guidance and leadership in cross-functional teams for the development, implementation and assessment of metadata infrastructure, policies and procedures.

Positioned within Library Technical Services (LTS), the Metadata Operations Librarian reports to the Coordinator of Metadata Design and Operation. This position focuses on metadata maintenance activities, primarily the integration of metadata between systems and extending relationships between resources. The Metadata Operations Librarian holistically considers the movement of MARC and non-MARC metadata across Cornell's collections with an eye towards scaling and automating these processes. This position collaborates on efforts related to metadata design, mapping, maintenance, remediation and enhancement.

The Metadata Operations Librarian actively participates in local and national discussions relating to the access, retrieval, description, and management of library resources and applies them to Cornell library's research and development efforts.

Key Opportunities:
- Contribute to strategic library initiatives focused on resource discovery and repository implementation
- Collaborate on the development of long-term solutions for improved metadata management, interoperability, and integration of metadata between systems
- Contribute to building a body of knowledge at the intersection of technology and cultural inclusion
- Play an active role in professional organizations inside and outside of the Cornell University Library community

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