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Created: August 6, 2019


Whirl-i-Gig is a Brooklyn, NY-based company that develops CollectiveAccess (https://collectiveaccess.org), open source software for management and presentation of museum and archival collections in use at hundreds of institutions worldwide. We provide consulting, software development and hosting services to a diverse group of museums, foundations, universities and other non-profits using CollectiveAccess. Whirl-i-Gig also develops open-source software to support paleontological and biological research and informatics initiatives.

Job description

Whirl-i-Gig seeks to add a creative and experimental software developer to our team of software developers, designers and system architects as we set out to create the next generation of responsive web and mobile platforms for museum, archival and scientific informatics. Working directly with museums, universities and cultural organizations, you will help expand the range of our open-source offerings and craft solutions to enhance access and utility of collections. 

You will collaborate in the design, development, testing and documentation of applications for acquisition and presentation of collections data. You will participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from design through coding, testing, documentation and end-user support. Responsibilities include:

·      Implementing public-facing web and mobile-friendly applications meeting client specifications using our open-source collections software, PHP, Ruby, Javascript and CSS; 

·      Implementing back-end systems for data capture, storage, analysis and dissemination using Python and/or Ruby;

·      Providing support to CollectiveAccess users;

·      Assisting with design and development of successors to current CollectiveAccess modules; 

·      Assisting where necessary with design and implementation of other informatics projects. 

Whirl-i-Gig provides a friendly, flexible work environment. The position is full-time, permanent and salaried. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and skills and includes employee health and retirement (401k) benefits. Direct interaction with clients across a wide range of disciplines and the use of emerging technologies means the position also offers opportunities for professional development and growth, including attending conferences. Applicants can work out of our office in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We will consider remote candidates as well.


·      3+ years of professional application development experience using standard technologies including at least three of the following: PHP, CSS, Javascript (React, Vue, Angular, jQuery), Ruby, Rails, Python and Django. 

·      Working familiarity with Git version control software and Github-provided services

·      Working familiarity with MySQL, Postgres or other SQL database systems

·      Ability to effectively operate in a Linux-based application hosting environment

·      Proven experience working on technical projects

·      Self-motivated with ability to self-direct exploration of new technologies

·      Strong written and oral English communication skills

Bonus points

·      Knowledge of Wordpress and/or Drupal content management systems 

·      Experience with non-SQL database systems such as MongoDB or Neo4j

·      Experience developing applications with ElasticSearch

·      Familiarity with drafting of front-end project specifications, work plans and cost estimates.

·      Experience configuring and managing workloads using AWS, Azure or GoogleCloud

·      Experience configuring and administering Linux-based servers

·      Proficiency managing digital media, including video, audio, imagery and document formats.

·      Previous experience in bioinformatics.

Please include a cover letter, the posting reference number and examples of your work on your portfolio site or GitHub repository. Send applications to jobs@whirl-i-gig.com. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.



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