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Created: July 26, 2019


Our Purpose

We call our Linux Operations Engineering team at the UCLA Library, Development Support. We do this because it embodies who we are as individuals and the relationships we cultivate with our colleagues. Our mission is to embrace DevOps as a culture, rather than a job description. The focal point of our efforts is to support the Library's software development projects by enabling our developer teammates to use the tools, infrastructure, procedures, and workflows to get the job done with as few hindrances as possible. Within our team, no one throws tasks or responsibilities over a wall - putting the burden on someone else. The phrase, "That's not my job", doesn't exist here. We understand that DevOps is everyone's job. We support one another, we don't point fingers of blame, and we see failure as an opportunity to learn.

If this resonates with you, and sounds like a environment you'd like to be a part of, please consider our open position for a Development Support Engineer within the UCLA Library's Digital Initiatives & Information Technology (DIIT) organization.

What You'll Do In this Position

Reporting to the Development Support Supervisor, you are a technical professional with advanced knowledge in the field of Linux systems administration and a technical contact for the Library's software development teams and applications. You will work as part of a team, collaborating with project managers, developers, and engineers, to architect systems, design roadmaps, and create automated workflows taking an application from development to production status. You will take a lead role in helping teams within DIIT adopt a DevOps culture to better standardize and automate infrastructure provisioning and application deployment.

You are comfortable operating with minimal supervision and take ownership of projects. You value documenting processes to ensure tasks are reproducible. You are capable of resolving complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires in-depth evaluation of a variety of environmental factors. You respond to stakeholders with tact, using innovative resources to research solutions. You will be one of DIIT's technical contacts with campus Information Technology Services, and you occasionally train fellow DIIT staff on system configuration procedures.

Technologies You'll Work With In This Position

System administration and development efforts take place within Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments split among physical servers, VMWare, and Amazon Web Services. Our teams use distributed version control (Git), configuration management tools (Ansible), containers (Docker), and continuous integration/delivery pipelines (Jenkins, Travis) to deploy software releases and ensure stable environments. System and service monitoring utilities (Nagios, StatusCake) and centralized logging platforms provide mechanisms to notify operations and developer teams of server and application health.

Summary of Expected Skills and Qualifications

  •         Bachelors degree in an Information Systems Management field, or equivalent, and 7 to 10 years of experience in the design, configuration, operation, repair and tuning of Linux servers.
  •         Demonstrated experience working with software development teams to architect and support customer-facing web applications and services.
  •         Demonstrated experience advising teams on infrastructure best practices, designing software deployment workflows, and serving as an escalation point for complex architecture decisions.
  •         Demonstrated experience architecting cloud-based server environments, specifically within Amazon Web Services, as well as on-premise virtual servers using the VMWare platform.
  •         Ability to translate functional project requirements into technical processes and procedures leading to an architecture implementation plan.
  •         Expert knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux server administration, including security best practices and policies.
  •         Superb oral and written communication skills including ability to explain the operation and use of systems to both technical and non-technical end-users, customer departments and unit heads.
  •         Advanced knowledge and configuration experience with Apache HTTPD, MySQL administration, PHP, Java/Tomcat applications, OpenSSL and certificates.
  •         Advanced experience using version control systems (Git), configuration management (Ansible), and integration/deployment tools (Travis, Jenkins).
  •         Working knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Python).
  •         Advanced skills in systems analysis, establishing benchmarks, identifying problems, recommending solutions and adjusting network configurations settings related to disk, memory, and CPU utilization.
  •         Knowledge of the firewall best-practices using host (firewalld and iptables) and appliance based firewalls.
  •         Advanced knowledge of and skills in systems security, detection and prevention.
  •         Experience and skill in planning large scale system upgrades, purchases, configuration, testing, configuration data migration and implementations.
  •         Knowledge of enterprise data back-up procedures and best-practices.
  •         Ability to get to work reliably and on time and to be present in the workplace during normal working hours. Ability to work outside of normal business hours and respond to emergencies.
  •         Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and managers. Ability to work harmoniously and as a team player, thrive in a team-based environment, and skill in fostering teamwork among others.

Summary of Preferred Skills

  •         Experience using task tracking systems (JIRA) for progress documentation and wiki systems (Confluence) for knowledgebase documentation.
  •         Familiarity with instant messaging and collaboration tools (Slack, Zoom, Box.).
  •         Knowledge of and experience with participating in Agile Software Development practices.
  •         Experience deploying and maintaining container-based infrastructures (Docker) using orchestration tools (Swarm, Kubernetes, Fargate).
  •         Knowledge of the Drupal CMS, Varnish caching, and Apache Solr.
  •         Familiarity with Digital Library repository systems such as Islandora, Samvera, Avalon, Archivematica, ArchivesSpace, DSpace, Dataverse.

Please let us know know if you have any questions about the position. You can find the official job posting here: https://ucla.in/2yb3TtA


Submitted by: sgurnick@library.ucla.edu

Published: Friday, July 26, 2019 15:50 UTC