NC Cardinal Application Administrator/Developer

Raleigh, NC
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Created: July 17, 2019


NC Cardinal provides an open source Integrated Library System called Evergreen that is shared by approximately half of the public libraries throughout North Carolina. We’re looking to add a team member with the ability to contribute to the larger Evergreen project as well as helping to administer the software.


The NC Cardinal System Administrator acts as the technical lead for the NC Cardinal team, monitoring the Evergreen Integrated Library System (ILS) software, troubleshooting issues that arise and developing solutions to improve the performance and functionality of the software. This position performs Tier II support activities and manages the relationship with our hosting provider’s technical team. This position also engages and contributes to the larger open source Evergreen project, helping to influence development of the software, fix bugs and advocate for improvements based on the needs of the NC Cardinal consortium. This position acts as a lead on the technical aspects of special team projects, such as libraries migrating into the consortium, or projects to scrutinize, consolidate and improve data in the system.

Responsibilities include:

· Writes software patches, utility scripts, and other software applications as required.

· Recommends and creates action plans for systems development and/or integration. Executes technical tasks associated with system integration testing of operating systems, databases, system utilities, and hardware upgrades, as well as of new software and hardware technologies.  Ensures testing evaluates all possible impacts of the new technology on the current infrastructure.

· Coordinates major software upgrades and creates documentation for user community detailing changes.

· Assists in the scheduling and performance of upgrades of software and databases, adding new structures or elements, taking into account system specific dependencies.

· Assists with process of migrating libraries into the consortium, helping to specify and explain configuration options and implement configuration decisions.

· Leads consortium-wide projects to improve system performance through consolidation of item types, patron types or shelving locations, as well as database cleanups of empty bib records or long dormant patrons.

· Creates queries against database to identify and resolve issues and inconsistencies with metadata, and monitor efficiency of resource sharing. Designs report templates for members of the consortium to facilitate statistics and reporting needs.

· Helps to prepare project plans and draft Request For Proposals for technical services from outside vendors.

· Serves as an expert resource and technical lead for the NC Cardinal program.

· Monitors system performance. Tunes system and applications to avoid performance issues.

· Provides Tier II support to public library staff on a variety of circulation and patron issues. Investigates issues identified by patrons and develops solutions through software development, system modifications, or configuration changes. Serves as a backup for Tier I support when necessary.

· Isolates or verifies problems, gauges severity, and establishes priorities. Provides problem reports to managers and customers. Posts solutions and suggestions on support Web pages and email discussions.

· Identifies, logs/documents, and researches technical problems to ensure a timely resolution. Manages communication with hosting provider about technical issues, submitting tickets and monitoring status.

· Evaluates technical support services regularly; streamlines processes and procedures for greater efficiency and effectiveness; identifies unmet needs.

· Develops and regularly updates informational websites and documentation. Identifies tools and technologies to improve service; conducts research and assessment; and recommends appropriate choices.

· Serves as technical consultant for NC Cardinal staff regarding software functionality and mentors less experienced team members.

· Serves as technical liaison between NC Cardinal, and the Evergreen ILS open source software development community.

· Participates in Evergreen software development planning; analyzes requirements and designs systems.

· Reports bugs to the larger Evergreen community and participates in development and bug patches of the Evergreen open source software.

· Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field by reading appropriate books, journals, and other literature, and attending related seminars and conferences; applies trends and technologies where appropriate.

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