Systems Engineer

Baltimore, MD
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Created: May 29, 2019


General Summary/Purpose:

In accordance with institutional policies and standards responsible for administration, programming, maintenance, performance, implementation, security and support of various departmental and enterprise wide platforms and cloud platforms (e.g., Amazon Web Services), including the installation and testing of new software, operating systems, related utilities/services, and hardware products as well as the integration of new products and /or software release upgrades into the current environment. Conducts systems performance evaluations, monitoring, patch management and security evaluations. Analyzes user needs in various computer environments (including but not limited to Linux and Windows) and makes recommendations for products and services that meet those needs. Ensures that all systems environments are maintained in an efficient and cost-effective manner.   

Describe the specific systems, applications, projects for which the position is responsible:
JHU Data Archive will be available for any researcher who wishes to deposit and archive research data, particularly as it relates to compliance with federally funded research (e.g., NIH grant). Complexity arises given the number of possible types of data (and associated policy requirements) and pathways/workflows for deposit or ingestion into JHU Data Archive. Specific systems or applications include:

Fedora repository platform, Amazon Web Services (or equivalent), Versity storage manager (VSM), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or equivalent), Fibre Channel, Atlassian, Jira & Confluence, Git, Docker, ZFS, Tomcat, Apache HTTPD, Kafka, Zookeeper, Shibboleth, Python, Maria DB, Postgres, MS SQL server, VMWare (VSphere), vSAN, Active Directory, MS Windows server, encryption technologies (e.g., LUKS), auditing tools (e.g., AuditD), SELinux, Globus. 

We embrace the critical practice outlined in Care, Code, and Digital Libraries.

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory):

  • Bachelor’s degree.  Additional experience can be substituted for education.
  • Five years related experience.  Additional education can be substituted for experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge in the assigned IT environments.

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