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Created: May 24, 2019


Lore Media Inc is an MIT startup company seeking a technical cofounder to lead the development of ArcLive, an accessibility tool that assists international researchers in accessing non-digitized documents.  This job is an unfunded position with large equity compensation, with the potential for a high salary and leadership roles after funding is acquired in the future.
The Problem
An average of only 10% of historical documents are available online, and archives lack the funding to digitize and maintain their digital collections longterm.  Even when funding is available, copyright restrictions may prevent documents from being publicly hosted, such as the Google Books project.  A radically different solution must be created to allow access when permanent digitization is unavailable, especially for international researchers.
Our Solution
ArcLive helps historians access non-digitized documents by livestreaming through an encrypted, peer-to-peer connection.  A research assistant uses a desk-mounted camera and functions as a surrogate through which researchers may access documents from anywhere in the world.  This qualifies as Live Access, as no permanent replications are created, and is legal under Fair Use as an accessibility tool.  Computer Vision can be applied to assist research using OCR to translate different languages in real-time, extract metadata, and apply AI to conduct sentiment analysis for dynamic keyword or subject searches.  More at http://www.arclive.org
Job Responsibilities and Duties
Unlike other jobs, the responsibilities in a startup company change over time. Below are examples for 3 company stages - Validation, Growth, and Maturity
The Validation stage is prototyping with limited funding, compensated using equity.  The initial groundwork is set to determine what should be included in Version 1.0

  • Working independently to rapidly prototype an MVP and serve first customers
  • Identifying the most appropriate technical stack for longterm development
  • Establish basic security standards for internal systems and private data
  • Identifying and collecting data on key metrics to measure company success
  • Reviewing customer interviews with the CEO to create new feature sets
  • Supporting the expansion of services to new archives in Boston

The Growth stage occurs once initial Seed funding has been raised. O developers are recruited to the team, jobs emerge as work becomes specialized.

  • Assist in selecting and relocate to the company headquarters (currently Boston, MA)
  • Assist the CEO in recruiting technical talent to accelerate development
  • Streamline the feature deployment pipeline for improved productivity
  • Established advanced security standards and support high up-time
  • Optimize scalability and cost-efficiency of cloud infrastructure
  • Build the coding culture through code and design reviews
  • Supporting the expansion of services to new cities (NYC, DC, LA, SF)

The Maturity stage occurs when the CTO is no longer directly producing code, instead overseeing longterm technical strategy to be implemented by department heads.
Form and oversee department teams working on different projects

  • Build and execute a long-term software product vision based on industry trends
  • Understand emerging business practices and potential competitors
  • Create new product lines consistent with company mission and vision


  • Experience with Angular, React or Vue, and the ability to defend your preference
  • A strong portfolio with at least 1 technical experiment you were passionate about
  • A passion for applying emerging technology for open access to information
  • Experience working with others or leading a team to success
  • Strong preference for experience in Computer Vision / OCR
  • Strong preference for experience with ML / TensorFlow / Neural Machine Translation

About Us
Lore Media Inc is a startup spinout from the MIT Game Design Lab, dedicated to applying emerging technology to improve and gamify experience within the cultural heritage sector such as museums, libraries and archives.

How to apply


Alan Foster
(603) 204-4961


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Published: Friday, May 24, 2019 21:35 UTC

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