Unix Systems Engineer

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Created: May 6, 2019


Columbia University Libraries seeks a motivated and collaborative Systems Engineer to join the Unix Systems Group in the Libraries Information Technology (LIT) division. 
Reporting to the Senior Systems Engineer, the Systems Engineer will design, develop and deploy Unix server and storage systems and perform maintenance and security updates as required. Additionally, the incumbent will document and provide support for a variety of innovative projects and services within the Libraries as well as collaborate on specialized projects with various departments across the organization as needed. 

Detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to: 
- Designing, installing, documenting, monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining Linux (primarily CentOS) servers. 
- Monitoring, troubleshooting, and documenting some Linux servers maintained by CUIT. 
- Modifying, testing, implementing, troubleshooting, and documenting both vendor-supplied and in-house applications on servers. 
- Managing security policies, access permissions and disaster recovery for mission-critical data on servers and desktop systems. 
- Collaborating on projects and related activities with other units, Columbia University IT (CUIT), other schools and departments at Columbia, and outside institutions. 
- Performing other duties as assigned. 

Minimum Requirements
•    Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, and a minimum two years' related experience required.  
•    Knowledge of Unix/Linux environment. 
•    Strong verbal and written communication skills. 
•    Knowledge of programming principles and at least one higher-level programming language. 
•    Must be able to balance priorities and meet deadlines on multiple tasks. 
•    Commitment to supporting and working in a diverse environment.  

Preferred Qualifications
•    Experience with CentOS, cloud services (AWS), virtualization (xen, vmware), configuration management (Saltstack, Ansible), Python, relational databases, storage management, source control (git), web services (nginx/apache, haproxy, varnish).

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and  we strongly encourage individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, identities, and abilities to apply for this exceptional opportunity to join an evolving Libraries and University community. Columbia University Libraries is a globally-recognized academic research library system, serving one of the world’s most important centers of research and learning in the most exciting and dynamic city in the world. Talented Libraries staff build, sustain, and make discoverable collections that transcend traditional boundaries of format and domain, keeping pace with a dynamic and rapidly evolving information environment and creating opportunities for users to encounter 4,000 years of human thought.
Our decisions are informed by new curricula developed to meet the needs of a more diverse student body, new and emerging areas of research from a broad spectrum of researchers, including graduate students and newly-hired faculty, as well as by perspectives from the diminished or entirely lost voices of historically oppressed, marginalized, or underserved populations and communities. As a workplace, the Libraries provide a supportive, connected environment where every employee’s perspective is valued and every employee is encouraged to grow. All staff members have an impact on Columbia’s mission to advance knowledge at the highest levels and make the results of research accessible to the world. 

Please apply online: jobs.columbia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=174932    


Published: Monday, May 6, 2019 15:04 UTC

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