Programming, Senior Specialist

Chicago, IL
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Created: March 27, 2019


Reporting to the Director of the Digital Library Development Center (DLDC), the Programming, Senior Specialist works with internal and external stakeholders to analyze workflows, develop design specifications, create, modify, implement, customize, test, document and maintain software solutions that provide access to information resources and that support the University of Chicago Library Digital Repository, the Library’s digital collections, the Center for Digital Scholarship, the University’s Institutional Repository, and systems for which the DLDC is responsible.


1) Bachelor's degree required.

2) Master's degree in Library and Information Science or equivalent degree preferred


1) Seven years of programming experience required

2) Fluency in at least one programming language such as Python required

3) Experience working with the Unix/Linux command-line interface (CLI)

4) Experience developing, implementing, debugging and maintaining applications required

5) Experience with full design life cycle required

6) Experience creating development specifications, business cases, and other development-related documentation required

7) Experience working in an academic library or similar research environment preferred

8) Experience working in a digital library or digital scholarship setting preferred

Technical Knowledge or Skills: 

1) Experience working with XML technologies such as XPath required

2) Experience working with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite required

3) Ability to use standard Unix/Linux tools such as sed, find, awk, grep, etc. from a Unix/Linux command line and in shell scripts to automate appropriate tasks required

4) Experience developing Web-based and client/server applications with web frameworks such as  Django or Flask required

5) Experience working with containerization technologies such as Docker preferred

6) Experience working with a language supporting the functional programming paradigm, such as OCaml or Haskell preferred

7) Experience working with XML and NoSQL databases, including XQuery preferred

8) Experience working with relational database technologies: database normalization, schemas and SQL preferred

9) Experience working with semantic web (linked data) technologies: RDF triplestores, SPARQL queries, and ontologies preferred

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