Web [Accessibility] and Emerging Technologies Librarian

Syracuse, NY
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Created: November 13, 2018


Feel free to ask me (Kate Deibel, kndeibel@syr.edu, slack: metageeky) questions about this position. Title is likely to change.


The Web Accessibility and Emerging Technology Librarian actively collaborates with library staff to create and implement accessible web-based library services including online tutorials, videos, podcasts, blogs, web/mobile applications and consults with librarians and staff on the development of web-based services. The incumbent develops, maintains, and/or administers the Libraries’ websites and various third-party web applications utilized across the Libraries.

The SpringShare LibApps (including LibGuides, LibCal, and LibWizard) is a specific example. He/she helps troubleshoot and resolve website and web application related issues including accessibility needs as reported by librarians, staff, and patrons. He/she creates workshops and/or online video tutorials to inform and train patrons and library staff on various web accessibility and emerging technologies as appropriate. This position’s collaboration with librarians and staff on accessibility and metadata management is especially important to the Libraries’ strategic plan and digital library program.


Published: Thursday, November 15, 2018 15:39 UTC

Last updated: Thursday, November 15, 2018 15:39 UTC