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Created: August 28, 2018


When you hear the word metadata, do you think of cell phone records, or of a whole world of knowledge waiting to be linked and discovered? Stanford University Libraries and the Linked Data for Production (LD4P) project are seeking someone who is passionate about libraries and about bringing library data to the world, to serve as our Wikimedian-in-Residence.

As a widely used source of structured data, Wikidata has the potential to be a platform for publishing, linking, and enriching library metadata. The Wikimedian-in-Residence will play a key role in enabling the Wikimedia community and the library community to enrich each other’s pool of knowledge. 

Alex Stinson, GLAM-Wiki Strategist at the Wikimedia Foundation, explains the importance of this role: "We are seeing a growing body of interest among different library communities, both in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world in figuring out how libraries should be involved in using Wikidata. The LD4P project and this role provide a well-supported environment for creating experiments within the actual central work of research libraries, to figure out what works and doesn't and how technology can be improved to support such collaboration."

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Published: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 15:30 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 15:30 UTC