Library IT Manager

Newport News, VA
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Created: August 2, 2018


NNPL is embarking on a journey that will lead to revitalized library service for this vibrant community of 183,000 in Hampton Roads, VA.  The new Library IT Manager will build off a rich tradition of customer service, and innovative services and programs, to redefine how patrons learn, access, and integrate technology into their lives.


Under the direction of the Director of Libraries and Information Services, the Library IT Manager’s duties include:

•             Management and administration of the Library’s information systems, including hardware, software applications, and automation systems;

•             Research, troubleshoot, and resolve problems related to the Library's systems, ensuring appropriate security measures are in place for staff and patrons;

•             Assess business needs and available solutions for existing and emerging technologies;

•             Development and management of the Library’s website;

•             Management of the Digital Services’ budget and assigned staff.


Over the next few years, the Library IT Manager will take the lead on a variety of key projects that will change the trajectory of NNPL, to include:

•             Upgrading the integrated library system;

•             Revamping the Library website;

•             Circulating Wi-Fi hotspots;

•             Reimagining public computing at our newest facilities;

•             and so much more!


Published: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 15:32 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 15:32 UTC