LOCKSS Software Engineer

Stanford, CA
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Created: July 23, 2018


This is a two-year term position, with the possibility of an extension.

The LOCKSS Program maintains and provides support for the open-source LOCKSS software, which powers distributed preservation networks used by libraries and publishers worldwide to ensure durable access to digital content. LOCKSS is a core part of a portfolio of Stanford Libraries digital library initiatives with international recognition and impact. On behalf of two major networks, the CLOCKSS Archive (https://www.clockss.org/) and the Global LOCKSS Network (https://www.lockss.org/community/networks/), the LOCKSS Program builds tools and manages the pipeline for ingest, curation, and preservation of published scholarly electronic materials.

The LOCKSS Program seeks a Software Engineer to undertake a range of tasks in support of content ingest and processing for LOCKSS networks. This will entail creating and updating plugins for retrieval, parsing, and processing of content from a variety of sources while noting ways in which this process might be streamlined; creating scripts and utilities for content tabulation and validation at various workflow stages; improving reporting capabilities; developing tools for more programmatic management of LOCKSS network content holdings information; and other projects in support of automation and process improvement. The role requires software development skills combined with the ability to dive in, learn quickly, and adapt from that to improved solutions.

This position reports to the Manager for the LOCKSS Applied Preservation Services team and works closely with staff responsible for ingest plugin development, content processing, and technical support to ensure accurate, efficient, and timely ingest and processing of new content on behalf of LOCKSS networks.

The successful candidate is excited by the prospect of:

  • helping to increase the volume and quality of digital materials preserved by partner institutions and communities;
  • building tools and workflows to increase efficiency and impact;
  • fostering and strengthening an organizational culture focused on service excellence;
  • working with a diverse group of people representing a wide range of professional backgrounds and expertise.

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