Digital Media Manager

Minneapolis, MN
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Created: July 3, 2018


Join our growing team of Digital Asset Managers working with our corporate clients on enterprise wide content management systems focused on media workflows.

This position will focus on developing and deploying digital media asset management systems for our clients that ensure a stable, consistent and secure database environment.

•    Work with clients to define their library architecture 

•    Configure their asset management system 

•    Manage user-interface and metadata fields

•    Create custom automated workflows 

•    Develop and document best practices

In addition, this position will focus on innovation and efficiency:

•    Research new digital media asset management solutions and software

•    Keep tabs on current industry trends and standards

•    Identify and develop new uses for the MAM, outside of its current implementations  

•    Assess current MAM software and hardware to ensure needs are being addressed in the most cost effective and efficient manner  


•    Masters Degree in Library and Information Science

•    Should be capable in Windows, MacOS, and Linux environments

•    Experience in Database Administration largely leveraging SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL, etc.)

•    Familiarity with basic Unix command line structures or Windows PowerShell


•    Working knowledge of CatDV media asset management system

•    Proficiency in using basic shell scripting, Javascript, and Python to automate tasks and/or extend utility and integration of multiple software platforms would be preferred

•    Looking specifically for skill sets in setting up Linux (CentOS/Red Hat based) Virtual Machines (VirtualBox or VMWare) to run large databases and application servers that inferface with both physical and cloud-based storages for finding and serving streaming media and large media assets.    

•    Experience in data extraction and migration utilizing XSLTs would be useful.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to and put Digital Media Manager in the subject line of your email.   No phone calls or drop-ins please. 


Published: Friday, July 6, 2018 20:58 UTC

Last updated: Friday, July 6, 2018 20:58 UTC