Inventory Control Coordinator & Data Analyst

Los Angeles, CA
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Created: May 24, 2018


Gathers data on inventory & purchasing, analyzes the data of pre-existing inventory control procedures, organizes reports & consultations, & updates implementation of current hardware inventory management practices.

Provides recommendations & alternate solutions on inventory control procedures based on analyzed data and reports designs, configures & maintains an inventory database & Jira workflows that facilitate standards of operations. In addition to overseeing allocation of hardware during on-boarding and off-boarding procedures, this position tests, develops, implements, & recommends efficient inventory administrative control policies & procedures including equipment management, deployment, space and operational needs, control procedures, purchasing practices for equipment, workflow procedures, and accurate equipment reports.

Gathers data by performing audits and deciphering data from a self-developed equipment tracking system, and analyzes current processes and policies, and proposes updates on policies on the basis of data and reports concerning inventorial, deployment, and purchasing records.

Proposes project charters related to inventory systems based on analyzed data to move the department forward responsibly with increased tracking and accurate reports.

Directly executes purchases with accuracy as needed for stock patterns and Library staff (as reflected in inventory reports and data), and streamlines package-delivery systems of staff equipment.

Develops training for the new system and procedures, and produces documentation and training for student and career staff.

Gathers and analyzes data by identifying trends and maintaining accurate records of equipment stock throughout the Library and in several DIIT stockrooms, studies and updates inventory control protocols; tracks & analyzes data from staff equipment campus-wide throughout various Libraries.

Works closely with the Logistics Team and with the other DIIT staff and teams in order to coordinate large deployment projects and equipment moves throughout the Library, including when equipment has fallen out of warranty and needs to be replaced.

Works closely with the Service Desk to ensure accurate & efficient recording techniques are implemented during deployment, and workstation deployment during on and off-boarding processes.


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Published: Thursday, May 24, 2018 21:39 UTC