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Created: March 29, 2018


Reporting to the Director of Instructional Media & Technology Services (IMATS), the Academic Technologist and Developer will focus on on technical infrastructure and systems in support of Barnard curriculum and the services offered in the new the Milstein Teaching and Learning Center, which will house 6 faculty-led library Centers, including the Empirical Reasoning Center, Design Center, Digital Humanities Center, Media Center, Movement Lab and Computational Science Center. This position will offer direct support for the Computational Science Center. The Academic Technologist and Developer will collaborate with instructional designers, librarians, faculty, systems administrators, and others to implement, customize, and test websites, applications, and tools, with a focus on back-end development, infrastructure, and scripting. The Academic Technologist and Developer will work closely with colleagues in IMATS, faculty, Barnard IT staff, and others at BLAIS and Columbia to pilot new products; plan for server needs for curricular projects; do hardware and software provisioning for the Computational Science Center lab and other labs; and contribute to the inter-institutional open-source projects.

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Melanie Hibbert, Associate Director of Instructional Media Services,

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Published: Thursday, March 29, 2018 16:13 UTC