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Created: February 28, 2018


We're a small remote team responsible for the world's most popular academic journal reading and engagement service called BrowZine. Used by hundreds of universities, hospitals, government research labs, and companies around the world, BrowZine has introduced new and better ways for researchers to stay up-to-date in their field, helping the world's knowledge grow faster. 

Are you passionate about remote working, building ambitious web applications, and automated testing? Join our remote US-based team as a software developer contributing to our back-end, built mostly in NodeJS and Postgres, and our front-end, which uses EmberJS.

Third Iron is dedicated to bringing next-generation technologies to libraries. We were founded by technologists and librarians with broad experience in the information industry. We care deeply about increased engagement with peer-reviewed research journals, and are dedicated to building a great team to support our customers, which includes professors and researchers at world-renowned institutions.

Libraries are going through a rapid transformation, and Third Iron helps libraries provide a great user experience for their patrons. Technology is truly at the center of everything a library does. Our multi-platform service, BrowZine, enables academic & research libraries to make their peer-reviewed journals available to their patrons in an easy-to-use interface.  Response has been terrific.

Your Role

As a Senior Full-Stack Developer, you will help make architectural decisions, write automated tests, code the implementation, review code, and collaborate with our team of polyglot programmers for Third Iron's flagship product, BrowZine <browzine.com>, and its supporting services.

Third Iron is a remote-first company. Everyone contributes remotely, whether software developer, customer support, or sales. We stay tightly in step with the needs of our customers - researchers and librarians - to help them browse, read, discover, and organize scholarly information.

Key Responsibilities

You will contribute to our existing BrowZine Content Management System, written in Node.js and Postgres, and used by our internal operations team to manage large amounts of data from hundreds of library customers. We have thorough automated test suites for our backend systems, and you will get experience writing new tests, modifying existing tests, and generally avoiding regressions thanks to these tests.

You will help shape and build our API, also written in Node.js combined with Postgres, which powers our BrowZine clients, available at browzine.com and as native apps on iOS and Android. Additionally, our third-party API is starting to be used directly at a variety of libraries to enhance other digital services they provide.

You will help scale our Heroku/AWS cloud-based systems as our customer base continues to grow to ensure solid performance for all users, including managing user data stored in CouchDB.

There is also opportunity to help improve our web front-end app, browzine.com, which is built using Ember.js.  Between improving the API and improving our front-end app, you will build new features and enhance existing ones to improve journal reading for academic librarians and researchers at hundreds of research institutions around the world.

Check out our software stack on StackShare - https://stackshare.io/third-iron/third-iron  

The technologies you'll likely work with the most are:

  • NodeJS
  • Postgres
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS
  • Ember.JS

What We're Looking For

A passion for automated testing, continuous integration, and constantly improving how you do things is important to us.

Experience with Javascript on the server and a desire to keep up with new JavaScript developments as they come out (ES2017/2018 and beyond) is something we think is important for success in this position.

Strong communication skills are absolutely critical on our team, since we are a remote-first team, timely responses and clear communication is essential.

Experience writing test-focused code is important to all of our teammates.  We rely on acceptance-level and lower unit-level automated tests to reduce the likelihood of regressions, and we have a pretty thorough suite of them.

A high comfort level with source control - especially git - is important for our team. 

Being a self-motivated developer who can work independently is important for remote work in general, and on our team.

A strong desire to learn new technologies is something our teammates share. We want to embrace the tools and techniques that help us build great software and let us sleep soundly at night, knowing our users are having a delightful experience and our servers are not catching fire.

When applying, please include anything that helps demonstrate your development abilities, such as:

  • your GitHub or Bitbucket profile
  • sample code you can share
  • articles & tutorials you have written
  • presentations you have given
  • Stack Overflow contributions
  • bug reports on open source projects
  • ...or anything else you can share that is indicative of how you best contribute to a team


About Third Iron

Third Iron, founded in 2011 as a remote-first software development company, creates innovative library technologies to help academic libraries and the researchers they support. BrowZine, our flagship service, is used by hundreds of universities, hospitals, corporations and government facilities around the world.  Third Iron is a Minnesota, USA, company, but our software development team is distributed throughout the USA. We have been included in a list of the Top Telecommute Companies.

About BrowZine

BrowZine is a service that helps researchers browse, read and monitor academic literature. Whether a researcher's interest is in science/engineering/STEM, social science, humanities, or any other area of study, BrowZine provides them with convenient workflow tool firmly integrated into other library systems to help them keep up with their journal reading.


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Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 20:15 UTC