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Created: February 14, 2018


Reporting to the Director, SRLF & Collaborative Shared Print Programs, the Imaging Services Manager (ISM) manages the activities involved in the production of preservation-quality digital reproductions of research collections and archive materials including circulating and rare books, manuscripts, correspondence, newspapers, photographic collections, ephemera, art work, and maps. The ISM professionally represents the department in a variety of environments within UCLA, the entire UC system, the Cultural Heritage imaging community and the general public. The ISM works with members of the UCLA Library to evaluate potential new digitization projects and manages existing projects, workflows and schedules. The ISM meets with patrons in the UCLA Libraries, UC academic departments, and non-UC institutions to review a complex mix of digitization projects and provide cost estimates for all requests. The Imaging Service Unit operates under a Sales and Service [cost recovery] model and thus the ISM is responsible for ensuring that a steady stream of in-coming work is available. The ISM is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and supervision of 4 career FTE. Coordinates and schedules in-coming jobs with other work in progress, assigning work to staff; and oversees all aspects of production: digitization of print and photographic originals, and providing detailed quality control inspections of all products. The ISM is responsible for ensuring that all digitized images meet the guidelines and standards for preservation imaging as defined by the Library of Congress and FADGI. The ISM develops Imaging Services Unit goals, and identifies opportunities for training and development of career staff in order to keep the Imaging Services team fully knowledgeable about and capable of implementing new technologies and software programs that enhance digital services. 


Published: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 21:22 UTC

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