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Created: May 26, 2017


The Kentucky Historical Society is using Omeka as a platform to build the Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition. We launched an Early Access version ( of the edition about a year ago are looking for a developer to continue the project. Early Access contains approximately 10,000 documents with PDF images and accompanying TEI-XML files with metadata about the documents, including transcriptions. Since the launch of Early Access we have worked with Brumfield Labs to develop a tool called MashBill ( that further annotates documents by inserting tags in the TEI for entities mentioned and creates a database of those entities. This work has gone very well and we are now looking to integrate the output of this effort into our Digital Documentary Edition.

Specifically, we are looking for someone to work on a short term project to develop:

* a method to batch update document transcripts from the new TEI-XML generated from Mashbill;

* modifications to the transcription stylesheet to display tagged entities as hyperlinks;

* pages with stylesheets that would display person, organization and place data delivered from Mashbill; and

* a new tab that would allow us to query the MashBill database and display results.

I would be happy to answer any questions about the project.

Feel free to respond here or off list at

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Jeff Dycus
Online Access Administrator


Published: Monday, June 5, 2017 18:47 UTC

Last updated: Monday, June 5, 2017 18:47 UTC