Web Applications Developer

Richmond, VA
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Created: May 25, 2017


As a member of the Digital Engagement department, the Web Applications Developer will collaborate with the Web Systems Librarian and Web Designer to create, maintain, and improve VCU Libraries web applications and digital scholarship projects using a variety of modern programming languages and data stores.

Primary responsibilities: expand and improve VCU Libraries’ web presence and digital scholarship portfolio through applications programming and web development; leverage existing applications and API’s; design and build original software to user and system specifications; and customize specialized library software. Work with library stakeholders to find creative solutions that streamline business processes. Keep current with trends and issues in library web development and library technology. Work independently and with the web team to develop innovative library systems.

Secondary responsibilities: Maintain documentation for new or modified programs and procedures, provide system administration support for library servers and applications, interact with software vendors and external technology support technicians; administer and support web content management systems, promote and develop coding standards, stay current with emerging Web application development trends, and work collaboratively with library faculty and staff to meet overall Digital Engagement goals.


Published: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 18:37 UTC

Last updated: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 18:37 UTC