Digitization Workflow Supervisor

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Created: July 22, 2016


Manages Projects for the digitization and ingest of materials and metadata into the UF Digital Collections
  • Ensures proper and timely procedures for the receipt, preparation, tracking and return of project materials to be imaged by DPS;
  • Coordinates with other Library units involved in digitization project workflows, including Cataloging and Discovery Services, Preservation, Conservation, Special and Area Studies to ensure excellent communication and other;
  • Works with bibliographic control to ensure quality ingest of metadata into the UFDC;
  • Ensures proper scanning equipment is assigned and being used for each project;
  • Ensures proper scanning techniques are being employed and benchmarks source documents for appropriate digital resolution and color;
  • Monitors project statuses and provides an accurate weekly report to the Production Manager to be used for calculating the departments overall capacity;
  • Performs pre-quality control steps to ensure proper project flow as it moves from production to Quality Control;
  • Coordinates with Quality Control to provide completed files, and rescans of rejected work
  • Manages and maintains equipment, including the set up and routine calibration, as well as any troubleshooting and liaising with Technical Services when necessary;
Supervises Bibliographic Controller, Content Management Assistant, Large Format Imaging Assistant, Curation Assistant, and Other Personnel Services (OPS) staff
  • Trains, schedules, and supervises employees in the proper use of imaging equipment, software, and DPS imaging procedures;
  • Reviews work performed by employees and provides regular feedback and annual evaluation;
  • Assigns work to multiple employees to ensure projects deadlines are met;
  • Oversees schedule and approves payroll on a bi-weekly basis;
  • Maintains the ability to perform all tasks in the main imaging queue in order to provide assistance to employees when necessary and serves as back up when other staff is absent;
Participates in efforts to develop and improve tracking, documentation, procedures and workflows
  • Manages and completes projects, including large and complex projects, in a timely manner;
  • Responds to and tracks patron requests and emails or directs them to the appropriate resource;
  • Works with metadata librarian, IR Manager, and Production Manager to improve procedures for correcting and enhancing metadata in addition to contributing to departmental efforts to implement controlled vocabularies and authority naming files.
  • Coordinates with the Content Management Assistant to manage updates to the departmental website, and other departmental publications;
  • Maintains the departmental workflow chart, documents specialized workflows, and evaluates new workflows to ensure bottlenecks aren’t created;
  • Coordinates with the Production Manager to ensure customer satisfaction
Professional Development and other duties as assigned
  • Advances professional development by attending relevant trainings.
  • Serves on committees as appointed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Published: Friday, July 22, 2016 14:27 UTC

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