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Created: August 17, 2007


The code4lib connection is that the 'Scholarly Technology Group' has a very close relationship with our Library's Center for Digital Initiatives, and we often work together on joint projects. (The STG folk, projects, and culture are *very* cool.)

--- Birkin James Diana Programmer, Integrated Technology Services Brown University Library

> Senior Research Programmer - Humanities > Scholarly Technology Group > Brown University > > The Scholarly Technology Group (STG) at Brown University is seeking a > senior staff member who will provide technical leadership and > innovation as part of STG's involvement in/engagement with faculty > research projects in the digital humanities. STG projects range from > document-based topics using XML and XML tools to experiments in > collaboration, mapping and visualization. STG projects are founded in > high-level information design, and require current knowledge of web > standards and interaction design. The Senior Research Programmer is > encouraged to have a research agenda of their own, or to participate > in the group's ongoing research into digital humanities topics. > > STG staff have expertise in text encoding and metadata standards, > accessibility, database design, web programming, digital project > design, information design, and grant-writing. We combine a strong > background in the humanities and social sciences with a deep interest > in the meaning of digital technologies for scholarly communication. > > The Senior Research Programmer works closely with faculty, STG staff > and students, to carry out digital humanities projects by performing > project analysis, providing technical leadership, programming and > software development in support of STG’s projects. This person will > recruit, plan and manage projects, write grant proposals, stay > abreast of new methodologies and practices relevant to Digital > Humanities and disseminate STG’s work at conferences. > > Qualifications: > * Minimum Bachelor’s degree, advanced degree in the humanities > desirable. Formal CS coursework or equivalent. > * At least 2 years experience in Digital Humanities, Digital > Libraries or comparable area. > * Strong technical background in relevant areas, for ex.: XML, web > technologies, metadata standards, text retrieval, software development > * Interest in digital communications and collaboration, new media. > * Strong analytical and problem solving skills; can formulate > options, develop and recommend solutions, especially in a constantly > changing work environment. > > STG is a part of Computing and Information Services that provides > advanced technology consulting to Brown humanities faculty primarily > through large and small projects in support of scholarly work in the > digital medium. We also explore the critical new technologies that > are transforming scholarly work and helping to maintain its > longevity: data and metadata standards, XML publication tools, text > encoding methods, database design, and accessibility standards. We > have a strong relationship with the Brown University Library's Center > for Digital Initiatives, and often work on joint projects. STG > includes three staff members: the Director, a Senior Research > Programmer, and a Research Programmer. STG also employs several > student programmers and designers. > > For more information: or > To apply:, go to job B00938

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Birkin James Diana

XML Software Developer


Published: Friday, August 17, 2007 13:21 UTC

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