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Created: April 14, 2016


 Interactive News Developer

The Interactive News desk at The New York Times is looking for creative, interdisciplinary thinkers with strong technical backgrounds.

About Us

Interactive News is the special digital projects team embedded within the newsroom of The New York Times. You'll be working with editors, reporters, photographers, designers and other developers to create newsroom-facing tools and reader-facing projects that expand the horizons of our digital news report.

Our department’s goal is to practice web development and software engineering as a newsroom craft.  We draw on technical expertise to imagine new editorial forms. Most of our work is published in collaboration with other newsroom departments. Your role is to bring digital creativity and software expertise. Interactive News handles a mix of project types:

* Early-stage experiments: You will iterate quickly and collaboratively to explore new ideas.
* More mature projects: You will use engineering expertise to improve the scale and repeatability of our projects.
* Library and tool development: You will package functionality so that it can be reused by others in the organization.

About You

No journalism experience is required, but you should enjoy thinking about how to create thoughtful experiences for our readers. 

* You also have a strong sense of personal responsibility: You can be trusted to deliver.
* You take a creative approach to solving problems.
* You have a strong technical skillset: You can take ownership of a high-quality digital experience from start to finish.
* You enjoy working as part of a team but are self-disciplined when working alone.
* You’re comfortable jumping between details and bigger-picture challenges.
* If you are a member of a group that has been historically underrepresented in technology, we especially encourage you to apply.

About our Tech

* Ruby, Node and Python are the team’s predominant backend technologies.
* On the frontend, our projects are largely JavaScript (ES5+) and CSS (often SASS), with judicious use of ReactJS and similar project-appropriate libraries.
* Deployment, testing and maintenance of projects are shared responsibilities. We currently deploy server-side code in Docker containers to a Kubernetes cluster.
* You should have demonstrated experience in one of the areas above and be willing to build skills in the rest.

We have both backend-focused and frontend-focused roles available. From either perspective, you ideally would be comfortable working (or eager to learn to work) across the stack. In Interactive News, we want every team member to be comfortable making changes and pushing them live to the site.


Please email:

* Links to some work samples, e.g. sites you’ve worked on, your Github, or a portfolio site
* Your résumé
* A brief paragraph describing why you’re interested in the job and what you hope to get out of it



Published: Thursday, April 14, 2016 03:23 UTC

Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 23:40 UTC