Digital Archivist

Created: February 25, 2016


MLS/MLIS from an ALA-accredited graduate school or equivalent degree.  Three years of experience working with assigning metadata, digitizing materials, managing a digital collection or other digital library-related work. Experience with digitizing materials and managing a digital collection and other digital library-related tasks. Experience working with CONTENTdm or equivalent digital assets management system. Archives management background. RDA experience or training. Experience with constructing survey instruments. Experience with Open Archives Initiative (OAI) harvesting.   Experience with grant writing and project management.

Job Duties

1.Responsible for the acquisition and appraisal, records, arrangement and description, and preservation of an organization's long-term digital collections.
2.Conducts an appraisal of existing digital archives in all media formats.
3.Accessions records and decides which to retain and how to retain them for periods exceeding three to five years.
4.Makes decisions about storage media, along with classification, indexing and metadata assignment.
5.Preserves digital records and supervises the systematic cataloging and retention work around legacy information stores, including offline media and paper.
6.Supports and participates in the e-discovery process.

**Other Duties:  Performs other duties as assigned.

This person will work in the Digital Collections Unit of the Library.  They will primarily be responsible for digitizing the physical paper archives of the university.  They will also work with the department of Marketing and Communications to do the same for them.

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