Web User Interface Developer

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Created: February 4, 2016


 The Web User Interface Developer is responsible for creating, developing and maintaining the look and feel of various systems and applications of the Auraria Library website. Web Services at the Auraria Library aims to provide web online application design and development support to the Auraria Library and its partners. This position will collaboratively transform the Auraria Library web services landscape by implementing highly functional online library services that are user-friendly, responsive, and appealing.
  • Works with stakeholders from wide range of library departments to bring incremental and iterative user interface improvement to various external-facing and internal-facing web systems, including the main Library Website, Skyline Catalog, Intranet, Research Guides, etc.
  • Assists the Web Services Manager to obtain, analyze, and prepare web project specifications and technical requirements.
  • Collaborates with the members of Web Services to provide web development and web content management system (CMS) maintenance support to the Auraria Library.
  • Participates in the design and implementation of user learning and research opportunities to improve the online interface of the Auraria Library.
  • Deploys responsive web design principles to improve multi-device, online library user experience.
  • Writes, tests, debugs, documents, and enhances source code to ensure user interfaces’ functionalities will continue to meet the ever-changing online users’ needs.
  • Provides periodic, library-wide training to assist content owners in keeping current with best practices in creating and maintaining content for web/mobile audiences.

Screening Date: This position is open until filled. For full consideration, apply by February 14, 2016

To apply click here or visit: http://library.auraria.edu/info/jobs/141556


Published: Thursday, February 4, 2016 18:59 UTC

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