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Created: February 8, 2016


The Digital Scholarship Librarian (DSL) provides strategic direction for the University of Minnesota Libraries in developing and sustaining new models of support for digital scholarship, primarily through coordination of the Digital Arts Sciences & Humanities (DASH) initiative. The DSL guides campus scholars on the integration of digital technologies and methodologies in research and teaching, including developing workshops and other events and overseeing development and execution of specific digital scholarship projects. The DSL facilitates a DASH operations cooperative composed of members from multiple campus units, including Liberal Arts Technologies & Innovation Services (LATIS) in the College of Liberal Arts, and manages an overall portfolio of projects. The DSL has responsibility for shaping additional partnerships in support of the DASH initiative. The DSL works in close collaboration with liaison librarians, special collections curators and archivists, program leads on data curation and publishing services, staff in LATIS, and other campus units.

Reporting to the Director for Arts & Humanities, the Digital Scholarship Librarian collaborates with Libraries staff and a diverse community of campus partners to provide a suite of consultative and educational services that advance innovative and interdisciplinary work on campus, and has direct responsibility to:
  • Develop service partnerships and manage collaborative practices:
  • Develop proposals to implement a robust, distributed service model with campus partners, managed through partner agreements and enhanced through regular communication. Oversee implementation and evolution of the service model.
  • Coordinate and participate in the efforts of a distributed cohort of liaison librarians, curators, academic technologists, and others to provide consultation services, implement education programs, and develop projects.
  • Develop and manage a process to solicit and evaluate project and program proposals.
  • Direct development of project plans and project teams, negotiate for resources with managers in libraries and other campus units, and supervise project management processes.
  • Participate in or direct development of grant proposals to support particular projects and initiatives, both within and outside the Libraries.
  • Provide clear pathways to guidance and support for university faculty, staff, and students engaging in digital scholarship projects and technology-enhanced learning:
  • Develop and maintain a clear and robust web presence related to DASH, featuring defined tools, project showcases, guidance for project initiation, and other recommendations.
  • Market and promote DASH services to raise scholars’ awareness of available programs and resources.
  • Partner with campus scholars to integrate digital resources and methodologies with traditional resources and approaches in the areas of research and teaching, through education, referrals, consultations, and other programmatic efforts.
  • Engage in faculty development to increase facility with DASH methodologies through programming and consultations.
  • Develop and facilitate events and educational programs that offer the opportunity to deepen knowledge of DASH methods and engage with colleagues from across campus.

Develop next generation researchers:
  • Actively engage with faculty and graduate teaching assistants as partners in programmatically integrating DASH concepts and skills into the curriculum.
  • Assess campus education needs related to DASH and coordinating the development and execution of in-person and online training.
  • Engage with graduate students and graduate program leads on such topics as DASH methods & tools, data management practices, emerging scholarly products, alt-ac careers.

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