Systems Specialist

Created: December 15, 2015


Job Summary
The  Systems Specialist provides expertise and leadership for the effective use of  information technology in the University Library, including enterprise-level  and locally-developed hardware and software applications and the full use of  the University's infrastructure and IT services. The Systems Specialist works  with Library management to develop strategies for the Library’s next generation  of information services, and works with colleagues across the Library to  implement and coordinate systems projects.   The Systems Specialist also works closely with the Library’s Systems  Coordinator to ensure the Library’s current and future information systems are  working effectively and efficiently.

Major Responsibilities
-Participates in strategic planning for current and proposed Library systems, providing technical insight and expert opinion on the Library’s operations and new initiatives. 
- In collaboration with the Library’s Systems Coordinator, oversees and manages the integrated library system (ILS) infrastructure; this may include evaluating and implementing new components and/or systems, providing configuration and support for existing components, and performing systems maintenance tasks on the ILS. 
- Provides leadership, integration and coordination for the Library’s online presence; this includes the Library’s primary website, resource discovery systems, locally-developed web-services, intranet systems, and supplemental services such as LibGuides, LibAnswers, etc. 
-Develops and maintains documentation for relevant library systems and software. Compiles and interprets statistics and prepares reports on systems performance.
-Represents the Library’s interests in University meetings and events, as required by the Library’s management team. Attends relevant regional and international conferences, representing the Library through networking and topical presentations. 
- Keeps up to date on literature and developments relating to IT, academic libraries, and information systems Other duties as assigned

Technical Skills
-Demonstrated proficiency with integrated library systems, including system administration, system configuration, prepopulated and custom reporting tools, and client troubleshooting. 
-Demonstrated skills with web-development technologies, including basic markup frameworks ((X)HTML, CSS2, JavaScript), web-scripting technologies (such as PHP, .NET, or JSP), and content management system frameworks (such as Drupal, WordPress, or SharePoint). 
- Experience using and troubleshooting software and desktop hardware.
- Experience with Innovative’s Millennium ILS. Experience with scalable infrastructure solutions, such as the Fedora repository system and other data management platforms.
- Experience with current web-development technologies and practices (HTML5/CSS3, responsive design, information architecture/user experience design, etc.) 
- Interest and exposure to evolving technologies in academic libraries, such as linked data and next-generation resource discovery tools. 
- Knowledge of emerging technologies and trends in library information services and the broader information technology field. 
- Competency in systems administration and shell scripting in Linux environments. Familiarity with version control systems, such as SVN or GitHub. 
- Broad understanding of academic research library operational functions, including but not restricted to technical services (acquisitions, metadata management, and print/digital resource management), access and delivery services, public computing management, and outreach/event management  functions. 
- Familiarity with  library-oriented standards and protocols such as FRBR, MARC/AACR2, Z39.50,  OAI-PMH, RDA, Dublin Core, etc.

Non-Technical Skills or Attributes
-Demonstrated customer service skills and experience interacting with a diverse academic population including faculty, researchers, graduate students, staff and vendors.
-Ability to write clear, concise, courteous e-mails in English.
-Excellent communication skills, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. 
- Able to work independently and as part of a team to produce results, solve problems, initiate ideas and projects.

Required Education
BA/BS (computer science or related field preferred) or equivalent education and experience 
Preferred:  MLS or MLIS degree from an ALA-accredited program and/or advanced degree in subject discipline

Required Experience
Minimum  five years of experience in a library environment providing information systems  planning, development, implementation and support

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