Researcher Information Systems Coordinator

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Created: November 5, 2015


Duties and Responsibilities: The primary focus for the Coordinator for Repository Services will be aiding scholars to deposit both scholarly output and data in repositories—institutional, disciplinary, or otherwise—that can ensure sustained access to their work over time. The Coordinator interacts closely with other members of the Repository Management Team, the Research Data Service, and the Scholarly Communications and Publishing units, to ensure that both user-facing and back-office functions of Library repositories support scholars’ needs and preferences.  The position also collaborates with the Scholarly Commons to provide outreach through consultations, and teaching the co-sponsored Savvy Researcher workshop series.   He or she will work closely with the Research Data Service as well as the Scholarly Communications and Publishing program to ensure that publications are available for the long-term in appropriate repositories providing outreach and education, and other pertinent services.

Qualifications: Required: Master’s degree; experience developing and managing programs and services in an academic setting; prior experience working with research impact metrics and the scholarly communications ecosystem; demonstrated experience managing people and resources in large, complex projects with multiple stakeholders; Experience with institution-wide outreach and communication programs, and with the development and vetting of policy and guidelines; experience working with individual scholars, units, and organizations involved in the academic research enterprise; understanding of the research and scholarly communications system within an academic setting.  See for preferred qualifications.

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