Senior Full Stack Applications Developer

New York City
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Created: October 13, 2015


Seeking: An experienced full-stack application developer to help reinvent eBooks and digital content discovery and access for public libraries.

With the support of the federal government and a broad coalition of library partners, The New York Public Library is building an elite team of remarkable and empowered product developers to further develop its mobile platform for digital content. This newly imagined platform will serve as a new model for public libraries across North America. The ideal candidate is that rare intersection of software super-geek and social do-gooder seeking to improve public access to knowledge and information. If you're game to help re-imagine the public library eBook experience—and make that vision real (and scalable)—we want you!

This role will work closely with our other teams in the NYPL Digital organization including NYPL Labs and the NYPL Digital Experience Group, operating out of the New York Public Library’s landmark Schwarzman building in Midtown Manhattan. Our goals are to build a vibrant open-source community and to ensure there is an appreciation and understanding of the library community's requirements as we enhance our product offerings and work with the commercial side of the eBook industry.

About NYPL

Based at The New York Public Library's landmark central branch on 42nd Street, the team will be work with award winning team of engineers from across the globe that are trying to re-imagine the Library in the Internet age. The team works closely with librarians and curators to create imaginative tools, apps and experiences around library content and services, often engaging the public directly in the work of improving, organizing or remixing library data and content services. At NYPL, you'll be joining an amazing creative team working at the crossroads of public-sector technology in New York. In addition: a great benefits package, ample vacation time, and a sane life/work balance all make NYPL a fantastic place to work and create.

Key Competencies:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Technology skills and adaptability to new technology

Minimum Qualifications:

All applicants should have the following:
  • 5+ years of programming experience
  • Strong RDBMS skills (and preferably PostgreSQL experience)
  • Experience with search platforms such as Solr and Elastic Search
  • Strong command of Git or a similar DVCS

In addition, it is preferable if applicants have one or more of these:
  • Code from a previous project that we can see
  • Experience writing specifications for client-server protocols
  • Experience building e-commerce systems

Finally, applicants will receive significant extra credit for the following:
  • Experience processing bibliographic metadata
  • Experience with scheduling algorithms
  • Familiarity or interest in machine learning algorithms and recommendation engines
  • Strong command of a typed functional programming language (e.g. F#, Haskell, OCaml, et cetera)

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