Digital Innovations Librarian

Colorado Springs
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Created: October 13, 2015


 Position Type: Exempt Staff
Annual Hours 2080
Base Months 12
Department: Library-General
Summary Description
Oversee and lead the technical development and management of digital resources and innovations in research and education.

Band: 6
• Provide leadership and skill in the adoption and application of digital research and learning technologies.
• Establish and maintain effective working relations with academic departments and other campus units that use Digital CC as a repository engaged in collaborative digital projects with academic support units that share “Center” space, and with others on campus.
• Lead or participate in innovative digitization projects of Colorado College and the library.
• Manage the overall operations of Digital CC; collaborate with the Metadata & Systems Librarian to manage metadata, assuring access at various levels.
• Market and promote the digital repository to the campus, to college alumni, and to other institutions and individuals in southern Colorado.
• Create metadata and provide expertise in cataloguing protocols for a variety of digital files.
• Supervise library staff and students who assist with depositing born-digital materials, digitizing paper materials, and creating metadata; provide leadership within the library in use of innovative research technologies and other educational technologies.
• Collaborate with the College Archivist in making historical materials in archives and special collections available digitally.
• Manage the authorization and authentication system of Digital CC and ensure user access.
• Provide access and preservation of digital documents for other academic and administrative units on campus.
• Expand content and utility of Digital CC, manage the preservation of its digital files
• Manage theses created digitally by Colorado College students; collect, catalog and preserve student and department publications and other digital objects (video, audio, data sets, etc.) related to campus and athletic events; collect and preserve digital material of historical and scholarly interest to CC faculty, students and alumni, and to the wider community.
• Provide preservation and access to noted and award winning radio broadcasts of KRCC.
• Participate in the Alliance ‘Best Practices’ interest group concerning digital repositories.
• As a member of the professional staff of the library, participate in shared services such as research assistance and instruction, as well as maintain liaison responsibilities to one or more academic departments.

Additional Responsibilities:
o Support and contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity at Colorado College and work effectively with the many constituencies in a college environment.
o Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following college procedures; and participating in appropriate safety training.
o Act in a socially responsible manner and model environmental sustainability by exercising financial prudence, use college resources wisely, and support ecological initiatives and innovation.
o Perform other duties as assigned or requested.

Required Qualifications:
Master of Library and Information Science degree or equivalent plus a minimum of two years of experience in digital content management or extensive post-secondary coursework related to digital archives; basic knowledge of Institutional Repository systems and best practices; basic knowledge of and skills in public relations and promotion; experience using Dublin Core, MODS, and similar cataloguing protocols; knowledge of the needs and services of records management for an academic institution

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience with Islandora, Hydra, or a similar institutional repository software; experience with Fedora 4 and RDF Linked Data; working knowledge of BIBFRAME and Linked Data Vocabularies; experience with or knowledge of the Alliance Digital Repository’ experience managing an institutional repository and supervision of staff; familiarity with a small, residential undergraduate liberal arts institution.

Posting Date: 09/25/2015
Closing Date: 10/25/2015
Open Until Filled No


Published: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 17:17 UTC

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