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Created: October 3, 2015


The Digital Access Coordinator will focus on current and future access, and responsiveness to user needs. Incoming digital content from donors and creators will be protected, tested, and analyzed for security, access, preservation and use options. The Digital Access Coordinator will review current trends and developments in the field, and will develop workflows and write or modify existing software to automate content management as effectively as possible. Capable and detailed project management and workflow monitoring and documentation are expected. The Digital Access Coordinator will also be involved in development and support of browse options or alternative access methods for both digitized and incoming digital content. This person may assist in grant application development. This position will be involved in capture, quality control, optimization, gathering of administrative, technical, structural, and descriptive metadata, and tracking, archiving and storage of resulting digital objects, in order to provide continued access over time.

Additionally, the Digital Access Coordinator will help design intern, practicum and teaching assistant jobs, seek applicants, and coordinate their assignments and supervision. This position will maintain appropriate hardware and software and perform other duties as needed. Supervision of up to eight (8) students may be assigned.

The Digitization Access Coordinator position requires an individual who is self-motivated, analytical, and has an excellent customer service attitude. The successful applicant will have a good base of understanding of a variety of technologies related to digitization and digital libraries, and will be capable of quickly processing and integrating new information and developments. This position requires excellent people skills as well as the ability to understand technical issues and communicate them effectively. The successful application should be able to work independently and effectively in a collaborative setting. They should also have excellent organizational skills and the ability to juggle multiple competing priorities and achieve goals, and to manage projects from design to completion.

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Jody L. DeRidder



Published: Saturday, October 3, 2015 14:34 UTC

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