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Created: August 21, 2015


Wheaton College (MA) Data & Records Manager

The Data and Records Manager serves as an authoritative resource for the College community regarding Data Integrity and Quality; Data Stewardship and Security, and Records Management.  The Data and Records Manager is responsible for ensuring that Wheaton College data is managed as a strategic asset in a manner that will provide the College with access to accurate and timely data for decision making and strategic planning. The Data and Records Manager works across the community to ensure that the data assets and records of the College are effectively and appropriately collected, accessible, and protected.

Examples of Responsibilities:

Works with data and records managers to improve the College’s efficiency and effectiveness in securing and managing records and data and to help ensure the preservation of records and data for future use.
Works with the Information Security Officer to educate the College community on appropriate practices regarding records and data security and management and to promote College policies regarding records and data security.
Works with application managers and advises departments on the use of third party systems/services for information and data management to ensure proper access and management of College data.
Works with the Office of Institutional Research to ensure appropriate access and management of critical data assets required for reporting purposes.
Works with the College Archivist to identify records to be preserved for historical and research purposes.
Works with the Records & Information Management Committee to establish records schedules.
Works with the Associate Vice President for LIS to build business intelligence, data and records management functionality into the College’s enterprise architecture.

Examples of Activities:

Works with Data Managers to create data quality standards and a data dictionary.
Provides guidance on the effective and appropriate management of the College's data and records from their creation through to their eventual disposal or preservation.
Provides guidance on compliance with legal obligations, policies, and standards for the creation, management, and retention of both paper and electronic records and data.
Monitors departmental compliance with legal obligations, and with College policies and practices regarding records and data management.
Monitors industry standards for records retention and data governance and recommends best practices.
Creates retention and disposal schedules for College records and data.
Manages offsite storage for physical records.
Creates data inventories showing where PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is managed throughout the College.
Holds training workshops for employees on proper data, record and information management practices.
Serves as a resource for faculty needing to create data management plans for research activities.

Qualification Standards
Degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) or MLS (Master of Library Science) with Records Management concentration preferred, or equivalent formal training in data and information governance and/or records management.
Minimum 5 years of broad experience in Data / Information / Records Management
Certification in Information Management (CIP) and/or Records Management (CRM) desirable

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities
Excellent organizational skills and ability to plan, coordinate, and implement complex projects
Proven experience developing and implementing policies and procedures
Experience developing and sustaining long term working relationships with stakeholders
Knowledge of Federal and State regulations pertaining to data and information management
Ability to work with diverse groups with varying levels of experience with technology
Ability to explain complex ideas or new technology to various stakeholders
Knowledge of information management theory and practice as well as strategies and technologies utilized by the records and information management community
Knowledge of relevant metadata standards for Records and Information Management
Familiarity with web archiving
Knowledge of enterprise administrative information systems
Knowledge of electronic records management systems and applications (i.e. SharePoint)
Familiarity with digital preservation techniques
Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
Sense of humor

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