AfroCROWD Project Manager Job Description

New York metropolitan area
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Created: July 31, 2015


AfroCROWD Project Manager Job Description

Title: AfroCROWD Project Manager (New York City)
Type: Part-time Independent Contractor
Compensation: $25/hr
Cycle: July to December 2015 (Start date: Early August)

  • Outreach to female Afrodescendant scholars to increase their awareness of the gender and multicultural gaps in Wikipedia and of the benefits of teaching with Wikipedia.
  • Organize 2 workshops in NYC for female academics, including collaborating with project Executive Director ("E.D.") on training them into Wikipedia. This will be done with the support of members of the Wiki Education Foundation who are part of Wikimedia NYC.
  • Organize and collaborate with project E.D. on organizing and training participants of 2 edit-a-thons in the period July-December ensuring that female participation is at least 50%. 
  • Support edit-a-thons organized by community at community/cultural groups’ request.
    • Make community aware of this service.
    • Deliverables: 3-4 editathons
  • Organize outreach campaign to make sure that Afrodescendant women are aware of the gender gap in Wikipedia and the need to come up with creative ideas to involve women.
  • Campaign outreach activities:
    • Timely announcements email, social media and flyer circulation for public events;
    • Update AfroCROWD website with blog posts about gender related issues;
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia page updating for AfroCROWD and the project;
    • Project mailing list update and maintenance;
    • Various in person meetings with target subgroup leaders as needed;
    • Attend events related to the International Decade for People of African Descent as needed;
    • Identify and attend events by technology oriented Afrodescendants
  • Recruit and supervise babysitter for editathons and trainings of female academics
  • Project bookkeeping: keep track of project expenses, receipts and collaborate with fiscal sponsor board treasurer and AfroCROWD E.D. in project accounting and reporting.
  • Collaborate with project E.D. in final cycle report to Wikimedia Foundation due February 30, 2016.

Desired Qualifications (if you possess most but not all of these qualifications, please apply anyway):

  • Demonstrated social media, web design and flyer design skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to edit Wikipedia
    • Past attendance at one or more Wikipedia editathons or attendance at June 20th Wikipedia Training the Trainers a plus;
  • Experience with technical or other community training or experience with teaching a plus;
  • Enthusiasm for Wikipedia, free culture or free knowledge movements;
  • Familiar with the concept of gender equality (experience in work on gender equality issues a plus);
  • Demonstrated familiarity with issues affecting Afrodescendants;
  • Experience with creating presentations (PowerPoint or Google Presentations) a plus;
  • Experience with Benchmark, Constant Contact or other similar email service a plus;
  • Knowledge of a language other than English spoken in the African Diaspora a plus.

To Apply:

Submit resume, statement of purpose with links of social media or online presence work and languages spoken other than English to Feel free to integrate creative visuals in your application materials, including your resume.

About Afrocrowd:

Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD) is a new initiative which seeks to increase the number of people of African Descent who actively partake in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements. The events are open to all Afrodescendants including but not limited to individuals who self-identify as African, African-American, Afro-Latino, Biracial, Black, Black-American, Caribbean, Garifuna, Haitian or West Indian.

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