Video Preservation Engineer

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Created: July 7, 2015


The Video Preservation Engineer works in the IU media digitization facility operated by the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI). The Video Preservation Engineer is responsible for the preservation transfer (digitization) of analog videotape recordings including the Betamax, Hi8, 8mm, U-matic, VHS, and EIAJ formats, to preservation master digital files at the highest quality possible. This includes optimal playback of actively degrading media on highly obsolete formats, quality control procedures, alignment/calibration/manipulation of playback machines, and verification of signal chain performance. Manipulation of degrading media for preservation work requires the independent application of ethical principles while making subjective judgments related to accuracy and quality. The Engineer is also responsible for collecting extensive documentation on both the source recordings and the transfer process. This position will participate in research related to the development of methodologies and workflows for the digitization of particularly difficult formats such as EIAJ, gaining efficiencies within a 1:1 workflow, developing and using workflow management software, and performing quality control for the products of large-scale digitization.


REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree required in telecommunications or related field and at least three years' experience with the playback of legacy video formats in a studio, post house, archive, or production setting including experience with analysis and diagnostic tools such as waveform monitors and vectorscopes.

Strongly preferred experience with:

a) video archiving or preservation transfer work,
b) deteriorating or otherwise problematic tapes
c) documenting video projects in detail,
d) lengthy projects requiring meticulous attention to detail,
e) application of preservation principles to digitization work.

Well-developed critical viewing skills, knowledge of legacy video formats.

Indiana University is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation or identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status. This institution is also a provider of ADA services.

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