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Created: June 24, 2015


The Jane Addams Papers, a documentary editing project that aims to publish the papers of America's best known social worker, recently moved to Ramapo College in northern New Jersey, with a new editing team. We have secured funding to relaunch the project in September 2015 as a digital edition. I plan to use Omeka as the content management system for the project and am looking for a developer to create some customizations. I am hoping to have some of the work done by November 2015 so that we can begin entering documents.

The main customization I need is an administrative plugin that will allow me to track progress on documents and other items. For example, while I can publish metadata on all documents, I need to secure repository permission to publish the images of the document, and copyright permission to publish the transcriptions of the document. I also need to track which items have been proofread and fact checked. I would also like to be able to publish groups of items at once, based on their metadata, and update the metadata to indicate that the document has been published. My goal is to publish newly completed documents quarterly, starting in April 2016.   The public theme for the site would not need to be completed until April.

I also would like to create items that describe the people, places, organizations, and events covered in the documents and link them so that when the reader is looking at the document, he can click on these terms and go to an identification.  I have described these and a few other customizations more fully on a Google doc at

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Cathy Moran Hajo

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Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 17:33 UTC

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