Reformatting Projects Coordinator

Washington, D.C.
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Created: May 6, 2015


The Librarian (Reformatting Projects Coordinator) is a preservation administration/reformatting coordination position in the Preservation Reformatting Division of the Preservation Directorate. The Preservation Reformatting Division is responsible for the Library's program to provide access to at-risk materials by converting items to new preservation formats, such as microfilm, preservation facsimile copies or digital reproductions. In carrying out this responsibility, the Division plans and manages the preservation reformatting budget of approximately 3.5 million dollars; executes annual reformatting plans by establishing requirements and standards for preservation reformatting; and collaborates with other divisions and institutions to develop preservation reformatting projects that improve the quality, content and accessibility of reformatted works. The incumbent uses expert knowledge of preservation reformatting principles, national standards and strategies, and Library procedures to preserve at risk Library collections with a great deal of independence. The incumbent is expected to provide high quality client-centered services to custodial units. The incumbent reports directly to the Chief of the Preservation Reformatting Division. The position description number for this position is 13423. The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area. The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule. This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position. Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.


Budgeting and Financial Administration 30%

Analyzes and provides a full range of liaison services to support the administration of a complex budget that involves both program and administrative expenses. Independently monitors and analyzes the financial status of the preservation reformatting operating budget (approximately 2 million dollars). Reviews automated system documentation, oversees tracking activities, and discusses ongoing budget activities and work planned. Establishes fund management controls. Analyzes cost estimates and actual reimbursable amounts to ensure adequate funding for services is provided and accuracy of cost estimating methods. Monitors obligations and expenditures for major contracted services to assure appropriate documentation, deductions, and payments are accurate and processed in a timely manner. Reconciles fiscal obligations, invoices, internal vouchers and expenditures, alerts appropriate managers when discrepancies are found and follows through until successful resolution. Tracks all costs to ensure against over- expenditures and incorporates all relevant work items into the annual operating budget. Provides the Chief with intermediate and long-range financial plans to achieve division service goals.

Preservation Services 20%

Surveys endangered paper and photographic collections to determine their need for preservation reformatting treatment. Analyzes, determines, and prioritizes preservation requirements. Through expert knowledge of different reformatting strategies, recommends appropriate actions and prioritizes treatment among many different and often competing collection needs. Develops specifications and procedures for analog reformatting treatments that will assure the high quality of reformatting services and products delivered to many different custodial units.

Consultation and Liaison Services 20%

Initiates, establishes, and maintains professional relationships with librarians, cooperative partners, and other specialists to share resources and information as well as to coordinate workflow within the Library. As a consultant, recommends changes in procedures, workflows, and tools. Regularly explains technical information to individuals or groups. Conducts tours, workshops, and orientation sessions for staff and visitors. Represents the organization at conferences and seminars or meetings in preservation reformatting and other relevant fields.

Analyzes and Organizes Information and Materials 20%

Obtains, analyzes, and organizes information using standard reference tools and established techniques and practices. Organizes and consolidates assignments involving complex and novel or obscure problems and/or special reformatting requirements. Participates in research projects to improve the selection, production, storage and bibliographic control of reformatted collections. Keeps abreast of current research and development of new approaches, techniques and/or equipment in relation to the preservation reformatting of paper-based and photographic materials to ensure services offered by the Division are the best possible solutions for these materials. Assists in the development and review of proposals for policy and implementation of procedures in the areas of preservation microfilm and preservation facsimile.

Vendor/Contractor Evaluation and Monitoring 10%

Monitors and evaluates contractor policies, practices, procedures, techniques, methods and management controls. Coordinates contract administration activities for one or more long-term, extensive technical service contracts for preservation reformatting of Library materials. As assigned, serves as a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). Monitors contractor's performance on contract provisions through phone conversations, correspondence, reports, vouchers, and visits. Monitors status of contract performance, reviewing and providing recommendations on contractor proposals resulting from change orders, scheduling, problems, and proposed solutions, verification of deliveries, and similar activities. Drafts contract statements of work for preservation reformatting related activities; provides guidance, training, and oversight to staff of LC custodial divisions when they are required to develop and administer contracts relating to preservation reformatting.

Performs various other duties as assigned.

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