Digital Imaging Technician

Fort Belvoir
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Created: April 22, 2015


The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is the central facility for the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of scientific and technical information (STI) supporting the Research and Engineering (R&E) needs of the Department of Defense (DoD). DTIC provides leading edge information services and products to the DoD community as a recognized leader in information and knowledge management innovations.

  • Performs the reformatting of original paper and mircoform documents using digital imaging technology to produce high quality images and metadata in accordance with requirements that cover a range of imaging parameters, including color and tone reproduction, scanning resolutions, file formats, image enhancements or modifications, forms classification, metadata extractions, delivery of digital images and quality control.
  • Processes documents for customers utilizing a wide variety of image processing software.
  • Participates in projects which require different approaches to metadata extractions and forms identification of the digital image files.
  • Assists specialists in data-gathering and analysis of the image capturing program for the purpose of quality assurance and improvement of work processes.
  • Provides input pertaining to the identification of issues and factors and makes recommendations.

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