Coordinator of Digital Collections

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Created: March 6, 2015


This position supports the information needs of MCW, CHW, and FH faculty, staff, and students by providing a broad range of library services. Identifies plans, creates and coordinates content for the library’s digital collections including, but not limited to, digitization of historical collections and photographs.  Develops and plans library displays.  Coordinates special projects as assigned.  Operates library service desks and assists users with information queries including assistance with electronic resources, digital collections and photographs.

Exhibit confidentiality, honesty, and actions that build trust and strengthen relationships.  Listen to others and effectively communicate in a clear and concise manner through written and verbal communication.  Demonstrate respect and commitment to the values of diversity and equity; seek out and incorporate diverse perspectives into decision making.

Excellence & Creativity
Exhibit initiative and ingenuity by taking ownership of tasks to proactively improve services, avoid problems, or develop opportunities.  Generate novel and valuable ideas to impact missions.  Identify and implement new methods to increase efficiency and quality.

Education & Development
Participate in design, development and/or evaluation of instructional materials, methods, courses or programs.  Seek out mentorship and learning opportunities. Develop and maintain professional affiliations.

Resourceful in deviating from the routine; adapt behaviors, priorities and work methods to meet needs of others.  Support transformational change to achieve institutional vision and strategies.

Dependability & Judgment
Demonstrate logical, rational, and objective decision making.  Use analysis, experience and logic to solve problems and offer solutions and suggestions that are effective in addressing problems.  Show reliability and accountability in the successful completion of all work

Stewardship & Institutional Citizenship
Be an active and thoughtful participant in institutional initiatives, meetings and committee work.  Conserve resources and use in an efficient and cost effective manner across all MCW missions.  Look for ways to improve and promote quality within area of influence.

In order of importance
1.      Coordinate the digitization and maintenance of materials via content management system.
2.      Select resources for digitization in consultation with librarians.
3.      Coordinate meetings and discussions regarding digital collections.
4.      Develop processes and procedures for maintaining, organizing, display and accessing digital content.
5.      Execute special projects assigned by librarians as needed.
6.      Provide ongoing maintenance for established projects with minimal oversight.
7.      Serve library users at service desks; circulate materials; open and close library at assigned times.
8.      Prepare displays which highlight historical materials, digital collections, as well as other topics of interest.  Coordinate the library’s display program by assigning topics, scheduling displays, and working with MCW staff on special guest displays.
9.      Oversee organization of and access to physical archives.


Published: Friday, March 6, 2015 01:35 UTC

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