Digital Archivist

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Created: December 23, 2014


Reporting to the Digital Technology Director, the Digital Archivist is directly responsible for the evaluation, selection, implementation, and day-to-day management of a media asset management system. In addition, the DAM will work closely and collaboratively with staff to create, implement, and manage metadata, policies, and workflow protocols related to media assets. The DAM will work hands-on with assets and the system by developing and supporting best-practice procedures to ensure the availability and integrity of the data for multiple purposes.

The ultimate goal of the position is to ensure that:
  • Media assets are tagged with appropriate metadata
  • appropriate file-naming conventions are applied
  • archiving, search and retrieval, and sharing protocols are developed and implemented
  • version control protocol is developed and maintained

  • Provide day-to-day and long-range administrative oversight of the DAMS. Actively track trends in DAMS use and needs, and act accordingly.
  • Spend significant time with individuals and departments to:
  • Conduct needs assessments and inventories of digital assets.
  • Develop, implement, and support sustainable practices for the digital asset lifecycle, using the DAMS to greatest potential.
  • Create archive file structure for each asset group to best accommodate end users, content, and marketing needs. Develop taxonomy and document archival protocols.
  • Ensure desired level of good metadata, including rights status, is present for assets in system.
  • Establish metadata workflows for digital resources in a variety of formats, including text and cover files, video files, art/graphics, reprint files, logos, fonts, pdfs, and application files with all links.
  • Establish processes and procedures for creating, file-naming, managing, describing, searching and sharing digital assets.
  • In close partnership with IT, ensure reliability and security of the DAMS as well as plan for system customizations, upgrades, integrations, testing and maintenance. Play a key role in vendor communications and management.
  • Oversee migration of assets from existing systems to new DAMS.
  • Provide hands-on training and support for DAMS users.

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