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Created: December 23, 2014


We are seeking a Digital Asset Manager to manage the marketing content of our fabulous customers. We have incredibly satisfied customers and we want to help them do more with their images, video, audio, and other branded content. The Digital Asset Manager will lead the digital asset management program for customers by capturing, organizing, sharing and analyzing marketing content within the Media Collective, a Widen marketing technology.
The Digital Asset Manager will perform the following activities:
  • Coordinate the capture of marketing content from the content creators; designers, photographers, videographers, agencies, and production studios
  • Establish and maintain the metadata and taxonomy structure to add meaningful information that allows the digital assets to be found and shared
  • Manage the user community and changes in user status to maintain proper access rights within the customer designed digital rights management structure
  • Promote the use of the digital assets to new and existing groups of users around the world to support the brand consistency of our customers
  • Communicate new and innovative functionality to other administrators within the customer marketing and creative team and across the user communities
  • Manage and train the community of users with regular sessions encouraging best practices and visitation to uphold the brand standards of our customers
  • Field questions from customer marketing teams and their customers and vendors
  • Implement the use of embed codes and digital asset linking for rich analytics providing significant insight into the performance of a digital asset
  • Analyze the success of marketing content and channels by reviewing key metrics and in-depth digital asset reporting data
  • Organize the entry and ongoing maintenance of metadata, users, roles, profiles, permissions, asset groups, categories and other administrative areas
  • Connect with customers at their location, communicating and implementing processes for a successful experience
  • Expand the use of the digital asset management system to include other users and systems that may benefit from the luxury of having immediate access to awesome content within the Media Collective
  • Provide insight to our product team for advancements in making the role of the Digital Asset Manager an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all customers
  • Explore integration opportunities with other technologies that need to use visual content as a way to connect the marketing content with talent, process and other technologies
Widen is a marketing technology company located in Madison, WI supporting over 400 global brands and 200,000 people with the access, management and sharing of marketing’s most coveted content. With a dynamic culture of satisfied employees, we have established a creative and innovative environment where collaboration and teamwork powers customer satisfaction. Recognized as one of the best places to work in Madison, we’re the place you tell your friends about and their response is, “that’s cool, I want to work there.”

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Published: Tuesday, December 23, 2014 17:03 UTC

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