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Created: December 8, 2014


With partners in Europe, the U.S. and China, CERN provides a digital library service to the High-Energy Physics community worldwide with INSPIRE ( This digital library serves over 1 million records to 50'000 scientists in the field worldwide, the entire literature of decades of High-Energy Physics and related disciplines. Based on the Open Source Invenio digital library, and a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python) stack, INSPIRE is searched several times per second, all year around. New content is added semi-automatically daily, with new articles coming from sister infrastructures such as and leading scientific publishers in the field. A team of librarians worldwide assures the smooth presentation and coherence of this scientific content. INSPIRE is now developing new user-centric services to allow users to enhance metadata, and increasingly supplying services to publish and re-use research data and software.

The INSPIRE Service Manager has responsibility for the management of the INSPIRE service at CERN, and support worldwide operations. In particular:

- Co-ordinate the INSPIRE day-to-day operations under CERN responsibility in three main areas: (1) technical operation of content ingestion and curation workflows; (2) system uptime and service level; (3) software design, development, integration and deployment.
- Lead junior software engineers and students who are developing short- and medium-term solutions for INSPIRE specific software and service needs.
- Play a central role in the design and implementation of solutions for seamless interoperability of INSPIRE and all other relevant information platforms operated both by the community and the publishing industry.
- Pro-actively analyse technology trends, user feedback, usage logs, and usability test results to suggest strategy to enhance user experience and service level.

Qualification and Experience
- Master's degree in the field of scientific, preferably in computer science or software engineering, or equivalent.
- Demonstrated experience in a key operational role for a large-scale digital library of scientific publications.
- Proven experience in the co-ordination of open source projects.
- Work experience in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python) and version control systems.
- An understanding of how scholarly communication works, preferably in High-Energy Physics.
- Knowledge of the Invenio software, familiarity with Agile software management and  leadership of geographically distributed teams would be assets for this position.

CERN Staff is hired from its Member States [], and this position is for a 3-years appointment. Salary is commensurate with seniority. Entry-level remuneration for this job category is in the range of 96’000-109’000 CHF/year, net of taxes. More information on benefits is available [].

Closing date January 5h, 2015.

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Published: Monday, December 8, 2014 11:22 UTC

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