Department Head, Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship

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Created: September 24, 2014


The University Libraries seek a dynamic, innovative Head of ODIS, a position with the primary responsibility of providing leadership and strategic direction for digital innovation and stewardship within the broader context of the University Libraries’ and the campus strategic plans and goals. The Head will work closely with the University Press to develop new and innovative publishing initiatives. In addition, the Department Head will be a member of the Libraries Cabinet (leadership, policy and management team) and reports to the Dean of Libraries.

The Head of ODIS will be responsible for leadership, management, and planning for the services and function of the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship, which includes 10 FTE professionals and a large team of students and temporary employees. As the librarians have faculty status, the Director will have responsibility for coaching and guiding librarians through the promotion and continuing status process. The Director also will be responsible for ensuring that department planning furthers the Libraries’ goals and that appropriate quality standards are identified and met.

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