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Created: July 23, 2014



Develop exclusively free, open source software in the name of open science.

The Center for Open Science is a funded non-profit startup looking for OSS developers who are passionate about modern web and API practices (and, ideally, science) with expertise across the web development stack. Open source has changed how software development works, and we want to apply the same principles to the sciences. Everything we develop is exclusively free and open source (see more on GitHub)

Core Technologies

Micro-frameworks (e.g., Flask)
Javascript Frameworks (e.g., Knockout)
No-SQL Databases (e.g., MongoDB)
API development
We are much more concerned about collaboration, passion, and ability than the actual technologies you use. We believe that a great developer should be a great developer in any language. We focus on Python in that Python developers typically value readability and community, and we are missioned with connecting and educating the open science and open source communities. The Python community represents what an effective community should look like and has strong ties to the sciences. As long as your values are aligned with those, we want to hear from you.


COS is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.


COS offers full time employees 401(k), health/dental/vision insurance, and 15 days of paid time off, in addition to a modern office space and other amenities.


COS is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, and encourages applications from women and minority developers.  Please submit a resume and cover letter explaining your background and interest in the position.


COS offers $1,000 hiring bounty for full-time Developer positions.  The Center for Open Science has a unique work environment for extremely talented developers: [1] we develop exclusively free, open source software; [2] we are a well-resourced, mission-driven, non-profit tech start-up; and, [3] we serve and support the open source and open science communities. 

This is a great job for many and a perfect job for a few. The perfect candidate is the person already doing open source in their free time while wishing that they could make a living doing it all the time.  We need to find these people; you can help. COS encourages women and members of underrepresented groups in technology and science to apply.

If you know someone who lives and breathes open source and is passionate about collaboration, sharing, science, and making a difference, then encourage them to apply.  If we hire that person as a full-time developer, we will send you a check for $1,000.

This is not an invitation to spam others on our behalf. Reach out to developers you know personally, or tweet and post our link to your social communities. We will ask applicants how they found about the position when they apply.

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