Digital Management & Technology Specialist

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Created: May 27, 2014


  Required Qualifications:
• Master's degree in Computer Science, Library and Information Science, or Management of Information Systems, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Experience in implementing and administering information technologies.
• Thorough understanding of the changing nature of the academic technology environment.
• Familiarity with relevant industry standards and methodologies.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a demonstrated ability to facilitate technical communication among a variety of stakeholders.
• Demonstrated strong interpersonal, analytic, and problem solving skills with the ability to work collegially with internal and external campus constituents.
• Appreciation for the importance of diversity in the workplace and the ability to flourish in a culture that values diversity of thought and backgrounds.
• Strong commitment to attention to detail, collaboration, a respectful work environment, teamwork, and customer relations.

Preferred Qualifications:
• 2-5 years of demonstrated successful project management experience in a library or in a related academic or research setting, with an emphasis on technical protocols and technology related services, emerging technologies and digital library initiatives.
• Demonstrated ability to implement and manage multiple projects and bring them to completion. 
• Knowledge and understanding of library organization and the interrelationships of library units.
• Thorough understanding of current issues and trends facing libraries, including but not limited to; the impact of digital collections, online learning environments, data driven acquisitions, social media, mobile environments, user services, data curation and preservation.
• Record of accomplishment in applying emerging information technologies to library operations.

Job Description:

Technology Leadership > 80%

• With the Head of Technology & Collections develops an annual strategic plan with realistic, measurable objectives for existing and emerging technology support, implementation and promotion across all library unites reflecting the library’s vision and mission.
• Provides leadership in investigation, awareness, promotion, implementation, and assessment of new and emerging technologies to improve the patron experience, library services, and library workflows.
• Provides leadership and support in the discovery, use and curation of locally generated or externally available digital content and data.
• Collaborates with and supports library units using existing library technology for collections, user services, and instruction and learning.
• Administers the implementation, operability, management, usability, and troubleshooting of the library’s web-scale discovery service, SUMMON.
• Administers and maintains the library Website; including but not limited to architecture, development, and usability.
• Maintains interoperability of A-Z list of print and electronic sources, LibGuides, and article link resolvers. 
• Maintains the interoperability of the library’s online catalog and its supplementary applications (eg. Syndetics).
• Administers and maintains the library’s proxy server for authentication and remote access to the library’s digital resources.
• Engages in professional development through participation in local, regional, national and/or international organizations and activities.
• Serves on Library and University Committees as appropriate.
• Prepares monthly and annual reports as required.

Technology Instruction, Training & Promotion > 20%
• Promotes awareness, collaborates, and provides training for existing and emerging technologies to library users and university stakeholders. 
• Provides technology literacy and information literacy instruction, in-person and online, and assistance at library user service points as needed.

Working Conditions:

• Normal climate-controlled office environment is provided.
• Job is largely sedentary, but there is a need to move about the office and buildings frequently.
• Occasional bending, stooping, lifting, pushing and/or pulling is required (typically less than 10 pounds of weight or pressure).
• Regular use of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices is required, calling for frequent hand/wrist movement and repetition.
• Awareness of, and familiarity with, emerging technologies as they become available, is expected.
• Low level of stress.
• Occasional travel within the regional setting is required.
• Office or workstation on the Schaumburg campus may be shared.


Published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 18:38 UTC

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