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Full-Stack Developer for Open-Source Global Research Platform at Zotero

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Created: May 20, 2014


Zotero is an open-source project launched in 2006 that develops research software and web services used by millions of people worldwide.

The Zotero team is looking to hire a full-time, contract developer to help extend the Zotero ecosystem. At first you will work primarily on a specific new tool. If all goes well, we'd hope and expect that you'd be interested in remaining a full-time paid member of the Zotero team longer term.

Initially, you'll be designing and building a pluggable server-side tool to bridge the Zotero API and external services — think IFTTT for research data. You'll be building both the base program and one or more sample plugins to help guide the tool's development and serve as examples for other users of the tool, who will include major universities as well as individual Zotero users.

Beyond the initial contract, you would begin working on other parts of Zotero, with the ability to focus on the things that interested you. That might mean improving the client or website, extending the API, optimizing the cloud infrastructure, or building back-end services to power new features. As part of a small team, you'd have responsibility over core components of the project and the freedom to find creative solutions to challenging problems. Most importantly, you'd participate in a vibrant global open-source community with amazing community developers and passionate users.

The core Zotero development team meets periodically in person (university campus in Virginia, falafel joint in Paris, pub in Dublin), but you’ll primarily be working remotely, communicating with Zotero developers and users via chat rooms, forums, mailing lists, and GitHub. Our hours are flexible and variable: we might be debating a feature request at 1 p.m. or deploying a major upgrade at 1 a.m.

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