Archivist for Digital Content & Information Management

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Created: April 18, 2014


We seek an individual who relishes the challenges of building solutions and managing risk in innovation in an information-intensive business environment. The Archivist has primary responsibility for organizing digital assets and their metadata; coordinating website maintenance and custom content; implementing digital acquisition and preservation, conducting due diligence for information systems; and securing internal audit and quality control processes. We offer a supportive and enjoyable professional environment where creative problem solving and true collaboration are valued. The archivist will work with the current systems administrator to monitor in-house computer systems and assist in implementing new technologies.

The archivist will assist in shaping the Archives’ online presence and strategic marketing to targeted audiences and lead the Archives in constructing a durable and authentic electronic archiving system and digital repository. To that end, the candidate should be knowledgeable of existing industry standards, best practices, and coming trends that frame the evolving field of digital content stewardship and preservation of archival records.

The job requires knowledge or familiarity with standard document encoding languages and data formats; open source tools using the LAMP platform, particularly Drupal; web authoring and common scripting languages; familiarity with repository software and metadata integration standards, and data capture and distribution tools. Candidates will be asked to provide an exemplar project sample (e.g., project specs, RFP, systems architecture design, project report) to demonstrate experience and inform a general discussion of project planning and execution. Knowledge of common archival descriptive standards, content management systems, and cataloging software applications is preferred.

We seek a person who has solid work experience within a range of possible vocations in the broad information field. The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree or certification in a relevant discipline of information management. Though not expected to be proficient in all areas of information management and technology, the preferred candidate will be competent in many of the following areas: archival resource management, information systems competence, project management, documentation analysis, web content management and design, business process and systems analysis, and authentic data transfer and storage protocols. Management skills in areas of strategic goal setting, benchmarking, quality measurement, time and resource allocation, and output evaluation are highly valued as are persuasive communication skills.

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