Project Manager, Data Science

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Created: March 21, 2014


Project Manager, Data Science, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

(Funded by IBM Grant)

The incumbent will be responsible for driving the development of innovative methods in audience research that bridge traditional and emerging approaches. In particular, we are dedicated to making meaning of large-scale social media data. The incumbent will also assist the Principal Investigator of our on-going data science research projects, fulfilling grant reporting requirements and insuring compliance with budget regulations. Additionally, the successful candidate will serve as a liaison among our researchers and work closely with our partners in the media and entertainment industries. As the Project Lead of the Lab's data science efforts, the incumbent will help integrate the data science research with other research efforts of the Lab, and contribute data science knowledge and perspective to larger Lab efforts, such as designing and implementing executive workshops and presentations.

The ideal candidate will bring a unique perspective on audience research and be able to communicate with both academic and industry audiences.

A background in both quantitative and qualitative approaches to audience research is strongly preferred; including some combination of surveys, interviews, focus groups, social media, and automated data-collection (e.g., Nielsen set-top boxes, Arbitron meters.)

The successful candidate will be expected to implement an in-house system for large-scale data analysis. Experience with one or more programming languages and database management systems is required. Python, R, Java, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB preferred. Previous experience working with social media data is a plus.

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Published: Friday, March 21, 2014 15:39 UTC

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