Digital Library Software Engineer

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Created: January 28, 2014


The Arizona State University Libraries seeks a creative team player to join the Development Team of the Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Services (ICS) Department. Reporting to the Development Team Lead, it contributes to the development of software infrastructure for a rapidly diversifying range of information and knowledge management services. The ICS Development Team is responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of applications that enable storage, discovery, and dissemination of information and digitalassets held in ASU repositories as well as external systems.

Responsible for systems analysis and programming: contributes to the analysis of data and functional requirements for information and knowledge-management applications, systems, and related workflow processes; analyzes and specifies requirements for interoperability/integration with campus middleware as well as other library and University systems; translates functional specifications into program design; programs applications and systems interfaces in applicable programming languages; maintains task lists and contributes to overall project management using appropriate software tools; coordinating efforts with project managers and team members; maintains an iterative testing process throughout the software development cycle; maintains and updates existing applications; upholds best practices for documentation of applications and source code; communicates with systems administrators and other technical staff as needed to assure optimal operating environments and security for applications. Designs and integrates data-management and workflow tools with applications; performs related data-management tasks as needed.This position will play a major role in the implementation of services for digital library resources as well as a rapidly diversifying range of digital materials created through ASU instructional and research endeavors. Services include implementation of repository services, design and development of workflow tools for ingest and maintenance of data/metadata; analysis of requirements for management of diverse types of digital objects and object collections; analysis and implementation of interfaces to assure secure dissemination of digital resources through appropriate applications frameworks; selection and implementation of robust technologies for resource discovery, including full-text search, meta-search (multi-protocol/multi-database query/result aggregation), and specialized search functions as required; collaborates with team members to assure appropriate interoperability of ASU library and learning management systems, data repositories, etc. Duties may also include deployment, systems, and machine automation programming. Collaborates with project managers, Web designers, and applications administrators in implementing and applying quality assurance procedures to harden applications code and to assure data integrity/longevity.

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